Sunday, May 23, 2010

In The Trenches

Just some quick notes on what's going on at LaubInd HQ: The recent lack of quality posts, contest entries and the future glut of Cool Things.

Its been a busy past couple of weeks for me as far as painting goes. Actually, strike that. Pretend that I went back and made clever use of strike through text.

The last couple of weeks have been back-breakingly busy as far as painting goes.

On the 5th, the BoLS crew announced a hobby challenge that I wanted to enter. I was working on a Baal Predator anyway, so I thought that I would try and get my tank finished up a bit earlier than I had intended. I won't get into the details, but it ended up being a fairly epic tale of obsession, late nights and being chained to my work bench in general.

Thanks Unholy Krondor that my special lady friend is the patient and understanding type. In a round about way, there's thanks to be handed out to one of my cats who chose this time to get chronic hairballs. If it wasn't for the days off I took for Vomit Watch 2010 I'm not quite sure I would have made the deadline. As it is, I had my pics in a scant hour and a half before it was due.

Once BoLS posts the poll for the challenge this week, I'll post some pictures and go into the details of what I'm now going to call Project: Quick Rick.

Here's to hoping I didn't fuck up the submission and that my entry makes it past the editorial cut and into the contest proper.

This whole post is gonna be rambly, so bear with me.

Per request of the triple threat* that is Hoagy, I'm going to be doing some stage by stages of some Hive Guard models so you guys can get an idea of how my Trygon came to be. Particularly the use of my airbrush to get some interesting effects on the skin and speed up what would be an otherwise tedious job of highlighting. It'll be a much needed change from the break neck pace I've been ruining my sleep with. It'll also be something semi new here since I don't tend to do many step-by-steps.

But before alla that, I'm also taking a much needed break from work. Starting Tuesday I'm off for almost a week o take care of some much needed relaxation and vacationing. On the vacation docket are reading my copy of Imperial Armor (armour?) 8 when it arrives, playing the living shit our of Super Mario Galaxy 2... when it arrives, watching some TV and...


Visiting the US Army Ordnance Museum and some restaurants in the Aberdeen area. Pretty excited about this. Can't believe that I didn't have to talk the Special Lady Friend into it either.** So once I get back from this, keep your eyes open for my trip photos. Should be interesting.

-----[Foot Notes]-------------------
*In no particular order, these threats would be: singer, songwriter and laser beam eye haver.
**Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourself.


  1. you should post a link to your tank pics. it's groin grabbingly good!

  2. All in due time, my man. As I said, once the contest entries go up, Ill post the full size shots I took.

  3. Looking forward to the tutorial mate!

    btw, that's 'frickin eye laser beams'

    >puts pinky finger up to mouth in an evil styleee,