Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Don't Usually Swear In My Post Titles... But Tyberous is Fucking Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

My friends, a war is being fought against common decency and propriety.  Its been going on for some time and it has to stop.  Our very souls are being preyed upon by the miniature industry and there subversion of our good Christian morals.  Just look at what those vile filth peddlers are are debasing us with...

Underboob - the so-called gateway drug that sucks the naive and unwary ever deeper into the smutty back alleys of society.

Exposed Nipples - perhaps the most insidious product of the pushers.  "Its only a nipple" they say.  ITS ONLY OUR FAMILY VALUES!!!

(Almost) Full Frontal Nudity - Sinful doesn't begin to describe this vile prctice  The human form was made in the image of God and as such should make us feel ashamed.  The human form must abe hidden at all times lest our minds turn to fornication.

You're all familiar with these vile pits of wickedness - these fetishistic totems designed to lure young men away from the Light.  We've been fighting the good fight for a while now and it has been Good and Just.  But a new enemy has reared its head and screeched out its primitive, debased warcry and laid assault to all we hold dear. 

All of the above examples of Satan's work pale in comparison to what Forgeworld has wrought.  Behold!  The deepest depths of depravity and obscenity I've ever had the misfortune to see!

The image was just too awful and pornographic to post without the barest censorship.  For those of you that have steeled your minds and are inured to the horrors of our enemy, you can see the full image in all it's immorality here.

This is actually being freely sold to human beings (may god have mercy on their souls).  We must stop this vile and salacious work of the devil.  It should not and cannot exist in our world!  TO ARMS and may we be victorious against this new threat to the world!  Never in my lifetime did I think it would come to this.

Now if you all will excuse me, I must flagellate myself in penance for dropping my guard for a second and allowing myself an erection.


  1. I actually kind of like the art model. Seems less smutty since there's a context. Kind of like 'I'll due a nude scene if it advances the plot and is organic to the character.'

    Seriously, though, that model is well sculpted and has a great paint job to boot. The others, however, are over the top tripe. Wait, that's not fair to delicious tripe. Let's just say they're shit.

  2. And here I was thinking you would somehow manage to include this into your post.



  3. @DT: That's actually the same reasons I picked the art model. the fact that its actually pretty tasteful and well done just adds to the fun of the whole post. gogo pretend outrage!

    @MoD: Oh dear god. I think the title for this should be "rape fantasy"

  4. @MoD: And Lauby thought Nazi themed Space Marines was about as low as it gets

  5. I totally did. man, sad times for humanity.

    Oh hey, Tyberous is wicked cool, though. So it ain't all bad. Even Special Lady Friend was impressed.

  6. Is it wrong that Tyberous turned me on and the others didn't?

  7. Quarter Pounder Chain Lightning Angus Harpoon Double Cheese McFists!

    hurr durr imma raep an eldra, cuz im so edgy!

  8. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that that's the sort of thing I wish more fantasy universes could acknowledge and treat with maturity.

    This isn't a mature universe and it won't be treated or responded to with maturity by the majority of participants in that shared universe, though, and a miniature diorama doesn't allow room for consequences.

    If you're going to go into this sort of territory, you don't go in and depict the event without exploring the aftermath, and you don't do that unless you're sure you can do it well and with respect for the experiences being represented.

    Otherwise, what you're doing is a misrepresentation; the belief that an event or action can have no consequences is a poisonous one, and if I were inclined to shake my stick and say "this country's going to the dogs", that's what I'd say was at fault. That and the nebulous 'right to an opinion' that doesn't include the 'responsibility to know what the fuck I'm talking about'.

    Also, those fists are stupid.

  9. well said, Von.

    The whole mistreatment of rape was one of the big reasons I stopped reading Terry Goodkind - his fallback villain characteristic for ALL of his bad guys was rape. It was lazy, insensate and the subject never given any kind of respect as a very real and very awful act with far reaching consequences should. The fact he only spent time on lurid details was just icing on his shitty cake.

    I've been thinking about this on and off for a few hours now and I've moved past the gut reaction that this the diorama is purely some kind of glorification of rape. I think you could make a solid case for the piece as actually having a message... but there are far, far too many things wrong with the presentation that absolutely ruin the idea. Though on one level, he's gotten a reaction - but there was just so much wasted opportunity.

    The eldar woman is just a tad too much of a fantasy elf stereotype and despite the excellent expression on the face, far too much attention is given to the breasts - which are fucking framed in the composition as a focal point rather than the victim as a whole.

    The whole piece is clinical and detached too. Its painted in the standard boring GD style with a focus on photo-realism. Basically, it looks like very other damn piece on CMON - the standard bright fantasy color palette used in lieu of anything that could give us a sense of mood.

    On top of that, everyone in the piece is already a static model - so why are they all in lazy poses. There's no sense of action.

    The size of the piece is also an issue. There's far too much going on in the absolutely huge background; the opportunity to really make the rape an intimate part of the experience was completely wasted.

    Overall, its just too easy to dissociate from the piece and focus on all the bullshit that's going on around (literally and figuratively) the rape.

    Bah! All I wanted to do was talk about an armored killing machine with rippey claws that would make an Ork jealous.

  10. I'm actually composing (not writing yet, too much to do this week) the attempt at a defence, or at least an exploration, of what I think this diorama's doing and trying to do. The idea of intruding on the curiously blinkered comfort zones of wargamers isn't without a certain appeal, even if he's going about it in a way that doesn't do justice to his subject matter and ends up being more appalling than effective.

    I noticed the breasts too. Can the male gaze ever actually be respectful or will behaviours like this creep in? Is that part of the point of the piece, a kind of double-bluff? Am I overthinking all this?

    (In order: they probably will, for most of us; I think so, although see next; oh, definitely, but I reserve the right to overthink things, since at least one other person put some mental effort into this.)

  11. I couldn't stop thinking about that damn diorama last night, but I think I finally figured out, for myself at least, why the piece the fails (without out knowing the artist's intent, but at this point I don't really care what was in his mind).

    The simplest, non-rambling explanation is that the fantasy/sci-fi setting does not convey the true, brutal, horror that is rape during wartime. By changing the victim into a space-elf, the connection to victim is lost. The victim has become dehumanized and overly sexualized. Luaby's point regarding the choice of color and the attention to the nudity only contributes further to the sexualization. The end result is that a statement about the horrors of war and possible trivialization of such through wargaming got turned into space-elf-rape-fantasy.

  12. The rape diorama might work better if it the armour wasnt torn from the Eldars chest, instead the viewer had to work out what was going on from the context of the models and actually think about it.

  13. All things being equal, Tyberos is still a cool friggin' model.