Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a new year, time for a new post

2010 was a fun year for my hobbies.  Recaps are trite, but here are the highlights:
  • Started a 2nd army to languish in the hell of my backlog of unfinished projects.  Sitting next to my desk is an entire box of Deamons. Painting them has been a blast, thouhg.  Now to make sure they don't take a year and a half to be playably ready to go.
  • Completely collected and then completely abandoned a Warhammer fantasy army. My poor dino-horde is why I continue to have mixed feelings about 8th edition despite knowing better.  The silver lining is that I broke even and didn't waste time with wood elves.
  • Got my first and only hate mail from a man very confused about how the internet and logical arguments work.  Bonus points on this one for receiving one worthless rant and then receiving a spell-checked version with a polite explanation on why I was getting two copies.  Also, thinly veiled threats of physical violence.
  • Started up the House of Paincakes with Dethtron.  It's killed my ability to write for this blog, but the whole thing been fun as hell and great for networking.  Its going strong and getting lots of love.
  • Discovered the wonder that is the wet palette.  For your own sake, go get one. Now.
  • Entered a BoLS painting challenge.  Got third place as far as I can tell; they never announced winners to my knowledge. 
  • Got tons of fantastic books from GW and Forgeworld.  They're relly stepping up the quality of what they produce and it is fantastic.  Badab War II is on the way and I have a bit of a hobby boner.
  • Sold a bunch of my old crap to pay for new crap.  The viability of hobby cannibalism is firmly established for me.  I also got better at letting go of my precious, precious work.

 I think 2011 is shaping up to  be better.  I have an army pretty close to done and if the job-gods are kind to me, I'll be in a better position to actually make some games happen and then fart around with new stuff.  Plus, the Eldar will actually be done and ready to play.

Now, because it's that kind of listy/re-cap day, here's some recent news and my take on it:

Chapterhouse Studios is being sued by GW.  For the most part this is almost entirely unremarkable.  GW goes after people who are infringing on their IP.  Why is it a shocker when a new group gets caught doing something legally stupid?  How are people still surprised that a company practically famous for its protection of its IP keeps doing this?  I mean really, the only interesting or surprising thing here is how many people in the BoLS comments section think they're lawyers and how many people just don't plain get why this keeps happening and have based their decisions on any number of false analogies.

What in the name of Unholy Krondor is this thing and why is it just now existing?


  1. Everytime i see the gun carriage it screams "ORKS!" to me. I don't know why.

  2. Orks with massive guns and awesome horses... I am SO in love with this model. I wonder if all a designer has to do is paint something red and give it a lot of guns for me to like it.

  3. ...Okay, I was going to post "I'm with you Lauby! Screw this WarmaHordes malarky, I have NO plans to play!"


    Then I spotted the tank you so kindly (?) posted.

    It looks cool dammit!


    But, I'm still not planning to pick up the game...too much to do!

    *Focuses on it being metal, and therefore horrible*