Thursday, July 29, 2010

Totally Forgot To Title This

Been a pretty solid week so far, work has been productive without the aggressive deadlines and the manic atmosphere that usually accompanies getting things done around there.  The ebay auctions are coming along swimmingly even if they are a bit slow.  Plus, Special Lady Friend has started learning how to play the Axel Foley theme on the ol' keyboard. 

Actually think about that last one - I'm just a bit of her practice away from having a Beverly Hills Cop day - ON DEMAND!  Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves.

Actually, one more good thing - the increased blogging of late has led to a whole mess of comments and lots of great interaction with the people I'm internet friends with.  No Pants Friday seems to be doing well and BroLo might actually rip one of them off.  Good times.  Now I just need to get that 'followers' number up...

The slow shift from boring painting and modeling blog to a more holistic blog has been pretty necessary in hindsight - my interests gave expanded and its fairly hard to motivate people to give a shit about hobby blogs.  You either have to be Golden Daemon winning material or crazy prolific.  I was/am neither. So, enter in the strategery and meta-blogging. More topics = more entertaining.

Besides writing on more topics more often beign good writing practice, the feedback I get also helps me learn.

Which brings me to the one area of wargaming I'm a bit stiff on - list building.  My first Eldar iteration is a direct crib from YTTH and I'm considering grabbing another net list for an entirely different army.  So, I need the practice and a little critique to get myself into shape.  Now I know there's no substitute for play testing - but its always good to start from as solid a base as you can, and my ability to get games is limited.

Without Further Ado, I present to you...

... Some crazy Chaos Space Marine rock army.  That I think is pretty LoLdiculous and, likely, crappy.  But hey, its the learning process.

Abbadon the Despoiler (275)

Typhus (225)           

3 Chaos Terminators (120)
- 1 pair lightning claws
- 1 powerfist
- 1 heavy flamer
- 1 combi-melta

Dedicated Transport, Land Raider w/ extra armor (235)

10 man Chaos Marine Squads (215)
- Flamer
- Autocannon
- Rhino

10 man Chaos Marine Squads (215)
- same as above

10 man Chaos Marine Squads (215)
- same as above

Chaos Predator w/ Bolter Sponsons (100)

Chaos Predator w/ Bolter Sponsons (100)

Chaos Defiler (150)

5x Chaos Raptors w/ 2 meltaguns (120)

Total: 1970

Guess its time for the justification.  For this exercise I wanted to build an army centered around one retarded rock unit (both characters plus the termies) rushing forward and causing mayhem.  Double daemon weapons, a boat load of attacks and they're all in 2+ armor. hehe.  Typhus' force weapon abilities are nice for MCs.

Soooo choppy. So very choppy.

This captures the kinda feeling I'm chasing here.

The marine squads are their for autocannon/melta love along with the preds and the defiler for extra anti-tank/suppression and anti infantry.  The Raptors are there for a suicide melta unit (either on DSing or drawing people's fire on foot) and because the models are pretty sweet.  Same with the Defiler - I just like the model - though the battle cannon can be useful for killing things as well as drawing fire.

This list obviously lives or dies on whether or not super unit can make it into combat and that adds a whole extra layer of weakness to the already comparatively week Chaos book. I know that.  But seriously - the mere prospect of ramming 855 points of awesome into someone appeals to me (500 of it in special characters).  I guess Kharn could be swapped in for Typhus and then get me another 60 points to play with.  But I like Typhus more at this juncture.  Also, the Kharn mini has that one weird, veiny arm that i kinda hate.

In any case, I was just noodling around with a funtimes hobby list after reading BroLo's post on rock building and thought I'd share.  He's got the exact attitude that I do - sometimes its fun to dick around with a sub-par list just because its fun. In any case, this is what's grabbed my imagination lately.

Feel free to rip into it (since I'm obviously fishing for feedback) - just keep two things in mind - the first 855 points are pretty inviolable (but you can play around with wargear all you want) and I'm not really looking for a tourney list.  Just something that can maybe, sorta deliver the super unit as reliably as possible.

Also, since the internet loves to give stupid names to things, how do you feel about "slap chop" as a name?  Actually, that's awful... but here's a picture of Vince anyway.

I also hope to slap my troubles away.


  1. Abbadon and typhus =[ You make me sads.

    But as far as single rocks go it looks passable. Maybe swap out the normal marines for plagues with meltas? You lose auto cannons but you gain more anti tank and your scoring units are harder to shift off objectives.

    You could also drop the raptors. Awesome models yes but not the best suicide melta around. While we're at it might be best to drop the defiler for another pred. 150 points for one battle cannon? no thank you.

    I'm not sure what else to say really, csm are already limited for good choices and running a 800+ point unit doesn't help. =/
    You could try and work in a second raider and termies and put abby in one and typhus in the other?

  2. I got a defiler half built, the termies, and a unit of OOP Raptors (W/o meltas) if you wanna do this.

    Don't have typhus or a bad done though.

  3. Lauby makes me have a sad. Sure that rock is very...rocky, but I think Brolo's unit would have an easy time slapping it around, not to mention normal TH/SS Termies.

  4. I'm actually making myself have a sad since I actually want to make this despite all the valid criticism.

    el oh el.

  5. speaking of lolz, my math is wrong. Its still under 2000, though.

    But now I'm thinking about triple defilers and plague marines. Oh, hobby lists.