Friday, July 2, 2010

HEY! Look at me!!!

While it's not a fully full on Laubersheimer Industries post, I am doing Dethtron's job for him over on Dick Move. I voluntarily subjected myself to writing one of his Friday Night Internet Fights.

If you're one of the unlucky who has never heard of Dick Move and his epic fight against stupidity, I urge you to check things out.

Gogogogogo! Friday Night Internet Fight - Round 18


  1. Lauby's moving up in the world. Well done.

  2. I agree - I'm otw now to check it out.


  3. Next time you ask me to look at you, please wear clothes Lauby. :p

  4. no way, it's no pants fridays at Laubersheimer Industries now. Responsible for a 20% drop in employee satisfaction index scores, I hear....

    calitic- an adjective used to describe indigestion. as in 'I just ate a bunch of chili and now I'm feeling a little calitic"