Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - Shipping Your Models

Two in a row. YES! The grand experiment continues and the dawn of Thutorial Thursday is staved off.

[Note from the future:] I forgot to make Tutorial Tuesday as edgy as I wanted. So.... I guess my shit is fuck. BAM! Edgy.

This week I have a video tutorial for you. I apologize in advance for some of the ridiculousness contained therein. You'll see why in a sec.

Weird moments of anger: check
Doofy golf visor: check
Poor lighting: check
Dropping stuff: check
Terrible music: check
Jamming out: check

Good advice: double check

That last bit is the most important part. For all the goofiness, this is a pretty good tutorial. It conveys 97.468 percent of the information you need. I just like to razz people

The only thing it's really missing is some better info on the Dremel bit you need. Its probably some kind of high speed cutter. The Dremel site has some options you can look at. Duder is probably using one of the larger cylindrical ones.

Anywho, as I'm selling off my back catalog of minis to make money for newer and bigger boondoggles, I have a need to ship fully painted miniatures. I have a bunch of stuff from the early days of my carreer - back when drybrushing was all the rage and chaos warriors looked like this:

Not mine, though. Mine weren't nearly this sw8.

I wasn't big on miniature cases back then, so I needed a way to ship things without them breaking. I found this little tutorial with a hail marry pass of a Google search. It turns out that I didn't have thick enough foam, a big enough Dr. Illbit or enough time/patience to try and force my way through despite my material shortages. I got about as far as experimentation. BUT, the method is sound and a great way to ship/store your models.

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  1. Just don't ship 'em like Scibor do!

    (see my blog entry)