Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Work in Progress: Project Future Boys

I've been yammering on about my Eldar army for about a year. So instead of oblique references, its time for some photographic evidence. I pulled out all the stuff I had done so far and took its first ever group photos.

But first, an interlude on macro-photography: Macro photography is extremely time consuming and, at times, difficult. There are very good reasons why many people just can't be bothered. In the far future once I've figured out my lighting situation (note to self: buy/construct light box), then I'll probably do more of it. But for today's show and tell, I went with good old fashioned regular flash photography and let Picassa sort it out.

Make sure you click on the pictures for the full size versions

The initial army list can be found here. Having done some playtesting I know that a third unit of Fire Dragons is in order and due to the re-release of the Fire Prism and my own interests, some Falcons will show up as well.

As far as the actual painting goes, its a bit weird for me. I went well out of my way to keep the paint scheme simple and easy to replicate. The goal was to get an army painted in a shorter amount of time (relatively speaking). Lots of line highlighting, no advanced techniques and a more cartooney vibe to the whole thing. Its been an interesting ride so far. Initially I was worried that the whole thing wouldn't be as rewarding as the various 'masterpeices" I chase after. The thrill of the challenge and all that. But now that I'm 3 vipers and 3 prisms away from being done, a nearly complete army has become totally worth the compromises.

Anywho, comment away. We all know that I love answering questions about my projects


  1. It'll be fucking amazing to see you on the other end of the table with a painted army.

    plus what I've seen so far doesn't look like too much of a departure from your normal quest for perfectly painted minis.

  2. fuck you and your "I painted these like ass in my spare time but it'll still look better than 98.8% of anything that your ham handed sausage fingered body will every be able to accomplish!" army.

    hehe, they look great man. Can you get some closeups of the dragons?

  3. Hrmm. Hard to be sure, but the guns etc look Bronze, and that means too much metal for my taste.

    They're VERY good, but not quite to my taste. Also, I'd like a proper post on the way you did your Grav tanks, as I am intruiged by other Ulthwe vehicles. Some day, I'll get around to showing how I do my own., but I fear it's too simplistic. :(

  4. yeah, it totally is a weathered bronze. I stumbled across the recipe right when I was starting to nail down a paint scheme. It was just too good to pass up. I thought about doing the weapons and such in a bone color, but the underside of the hull was already going to be boney. I didn't want to overdo it.

    Thanks for the compliments, all!