Monday, August 16, 2010


NOVA came and went and as far as I could tell, it went well.  Everybody involved seemed to have a good time.  There was no drama at the actual event (though I'm sure this wont stop the peanut gallery from stirring shit up after the fact).  So big props to MVB for creating something fairly unique and pulling off a number of amazing feats in the face of the so-called 'common knowledge' that the other events stand by.

Quickly now:  the coverage on the NOVA open was petty solid and, in particular, the U-stream feed was a nice change of pace from the likes of the random video collages and the various BoK cheating watchdog videos that we're normally subjected to.  However, I think that a bit more thought could and should be put into things.  Or at least, better preparation.

The Whiskey Challenges on Friday were the big event for most of us non-attendees, but the coverage was kinda 'meh'.  Now, no disrespect intended to the Gamers Lounge guys as they were clearly working under one hell of a set of conditions, but I feel that the interest level shown by the spectators merits a bit more attention to detail for next year.  When the empty chairs and the back wall of the ballroom are the stars of the show, something has gone wrong.  The interviews were pretty great - even with Drunk Guy cropping up, but the camera angles and pacing needed work.  Which is not to say that I'm an insensitive prick -  the exhaustion of the hosts was palpable by the time I logged off at midnight (eastern). So, clearly, it was a massive effort on their parts.  I'm also certainly not going to bitch about the technical difficulties during the DoP and Stelek interviews - that shit just happens.  On, hopefully, another plus note - from what I've been told, the gaming coverage was much better the next day - even without the sound.  So..  Good Work and the coverage was greatly appreciated! But make it better next time. I know you guys can do it!

In any case, as we all look forward to the metric ton of analysis that's about to come down the feeding tubes, Laubersheimer Industries will begin building its momentum back up this week. With the beginning of the semester and work on a number of side projects, I won't be in full swing this week, but pretty close to it.  A reasonable facsimile if you will.  Fore xample, nothing spectacular today beyond this pseudo-post.  But the rest of the week should see some of the fruits of my brain that ripened over the last week come to fruition. NOTE:  that last sentence was on purpose.

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