Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesdays in Progress: Eldar and Some Pics I Promised

For the last two Tutorial Tuesdays, I had forgotten to take pictures of my own efforts utilizing the techniques.  Time to fix that.

First up, from last week, here are my attempts with Lemmingspawn's hawt lava bases:

This one has been photoshopped a bit to give you a better idea about the actual color of the finished product.

Here's another pic with a model attached so you can get a sense of scale.  This is just a quickie Blood Letter I painted up for fun between Eldar models.  And as part of a color test for the last time I almost decided to play Chaos Marines.

This pic, on the other hand, has not been altered.  God, I need a light box.
Yesterday, I posed some instructions on making your own custom foam trays.  Between my notes and me going on about how amazing my own results were, I clean forgot to show off.

Here is it in all its glory.  Notice the tape I used to close up gaps in the bottom.  Nothing says 'safe' like green, sparkly foam.
And here's a shot of it with some grav tanks in it.  With only my wits and a host of free software, I was able to get a hold of a 1:1 scale grav tank template out from the Battlefoam tray designer utility. 

Pretty dope, huh?  Now I just need to make 1 more of these bad boys.  And then figure out what to do about Falcons and Fire Prisms.
Lastly, we have a group shot of the Vypers I'm working on as well as some experiments and test models. This one is big, so be sure to click on the image for the bigger version.

From left to right:  two partially assembled Vypers, a bunch of magnetized guns, a few flying bases, a finished Vyper, a rotting flesh experiment and some base experiments.
Not much to explain with all this stuff.  though I will be posting a tutorial I made myself on how to convert Vypers to have that Shuriken cannon upgrade that GW saw fit to omit from the kit.


  1. The bases look nice. But. Me no like green foam and ham.

    On another note I am always careful when scrolling on Laubersheimer Industries... not safe on the eyes.


    wooka: looking very sexy

  2. Great stuff - you've been hitting your stride lately, brother.

  3. forgot how awesome those bases looked. you're right about the colors though, they looked way better in person.

    now how is it that your home made foam cases looked 10 times better thant he ones in the tutorial?

    tepop (n)- Pepsi's attempt to make a tea flavored cola beverage. in a sentence- "at least tepop didn't taste as bad as coca cola black"

  4. Loving the bases Lauby, I may well shamelessly yoink the idea for when I do my Salamanders. Also, great tutorial on the tray too. I need to get some safehousing for my tankses.

    Little birdy tells me you and your good lady may well be returning to the midwest? huzzah!

  5. @Hoagy: we're workin' on it. Just need to get one of us a jobbyjob.

    Also, thanks everyone!