Friday, August 27, 2010

No Pants Friday: Daemons

Like I keep mentioning, its been a hell of a week.  HOP launched on Monday and Dethtron and I have been working our asses off over there as well as trying to keep up with our own blogs. The school semester started too, so my job is busy (and rewarding) again.  Plus, I had to drop off some guns at Jimmy's to match some silencers he had gotten, I had to pick up my brother at the hospital and drive him back home for dinner and then I had to pick up some new Pittsburgh stuff for Lois to fly down to some customers I had down near Atlanta. THEN I had to get back to the house to stir the sauce...

Still, It's Friday and we're takin' our pants off to let it all hang out.  It's No Pants Friday!

I was feeling generous today.  I went with the surreal rather than the awful.
Today's pants-less topic is daemons.

Let's get this out of the way first.  The people who write our favorite GW books are mostly English.  Which means the add extra letters into many of their words.  Letters you don't pronounce.  You don't pronounce the extra u in colour, and you sure as shit don't pronounce the a in daemon.  Its just another spelling (with the exact same pronunciation) of demon.  here's the entry for your reference.  They even have a nice lady who will read the word for you.

Alright, that's done...

I've always had a soft spit for the Chaos Daemons.  I know the codex is a bit wonky and suffers from gimmicks and an overabundance of anti-infantry...  but I just don't care.  The models are fun, the fluff is cool and the army plays, well... fun.  I like the aesthetics too - lots of cool little gribblies of all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours.  Plus, I've always been drawn to the fact that the various models practically beg to be painted in all kinds of different colors.  No getting sick nearly to death of black and bone with these guys.

Over a year ago, Stelek (hey, where else would I get my army lists?)* posted a pretty snazzy Daemon list.  My curiosity piqued, I set about pricing the list out.  And then quickly realized that I loathed the idea of using dinosaurs as fiends and that I hated the Chaos War Hounds as Khorne Dogs.  Shit.  Welcome to the $800+ range.  It sat in my brain and percolated until late last June, when (on a lark) I gave it a shot in a Vassal game with Dethtron.  It went well.  The list performed well and, more importantly, was fun as hell to play with.  The daemons are exactly as fun as Brent claims.  I had fallen in love.

Coming Fresh of the heartbreak of the Lizardmen and realizing I was sitting on a mountain of lizardmen, warmachine and fully painted units from high school, I resolved to raise money.

See the thing is, that playing 40k with models I actually like is important to me.  Or sure, the cold one and war hound proxies are fine ideas.  Painted well and with a bit of creativity, the Cold ones can get the job done no problem.  The warhounds are even better since they're dogs for hounds (though still crappy, IMO). BUT, I have to actually want to spend money on the models for it to be worth it for me.  I'm just not one of those people who can suck it up and play with an army I hate the looks of just because the rules are good in some way.

I also have a soft spot for metal miniatures.  I like the weight and the substantial feel of metal.  I like the way the metal takes paint and holds details. You just can't kill the metal.

I had to have the actual fiends and the actual Khorne Dogs.  I know, I know.... its crazy.  Thanks to Wayland Games though, it happened.**

This is what a 2000 point daemon army looks like while it's still in the boxes:

Just so we're clear - I know this whole thing is crazy.  But hey, some people buy body kits for their geo metro's.  I buy metal models by the truckload... apparently.  I try not to think about it.
Anyway, that's all for this week.  Look forward to the daemon insanity unfolding a bit more next week.

------[Foot Notes]-----------------------------
*Also, Chumby plays this list too.  Since I am beginning to suspect that we have similar attitudes towards playing ridiculous armies, I take this as pretty high praise of the armies capabilities.
**Odd but true- having the entire army imported from England was cheaper and more reliable than buying it locally.  Even with the 20% off.


  1. That is AWESOME!

    It's always good to see gaming dreams come true.

  2. I liked Brent's article on the DE-mons, but I gotta agree with you about using cold-ones as fiends. Good idea, but it doesn't sit right. However, the Seekers box set is out, and you get the same amount of Seekers as you would DE cold-ones for the same price. You could even use the DE-monette arms and model them onto the Seekers to make them look more like the metal fiends (the Champion's arms would probably most effective since they're elongated). I can't be the only on who came up with this, there's probably pics out there floating about.

  3. wait, how did you get from goodfellas to daemons. what just happened? where are my pants?

  4. My Daemon army (using the 1500 point version of that list) does't use any of the official models for anything but I think it still looks pretty good.

    Also it matches my renegade Marines 'Fluff' better this way.

    Purely out of interest am I still allowed to use armies that make concessions to 'Fluff' or will it get me thrown out of the Paincake House, lol?

  5. haha. You don't need the HOP seal of approval to enjoy your hobby the way you want, my man.

    also, the thing about the non-official models is... well, I wasn't trying to give people the impression that their own model/proxy choices were shitty in any way. Just not what I would do.

    I actually really like your spawn idea. I considered that route, but I ended up falling in like with the fiends.

  6. Jack Black's really losing it these days. Either that or I am old and boring enough to have no love for the D. Hm.

    Enjoy your Daemons.

  7. I get that my approach isn't for everyone, but it's inexpensive!

    One of the reasons they're purple only is because I have plans to improve them later.

    I have a cunnin' plan!

    I await your Daemons army with bated breath, my friend.