Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Apple Turnovers: Now With MORE Piping Hot Filler

Hey, everybody, just a quick filler post to entertain yourselves with on this lazy (for me, anyway) Sunday afternoon.

This picture is only partially relevant

First up, some new blogs I've got around to checking out and/or linking to:

1.  Von's Game Over - Von usually has some good things to say on the comments section of whatever blog he happens to visit (including mine).  It also turns out that he has some interesting things to say on his own site as well.  A good combination of the kind of well-written thoeoryhammer we all love as well as loads of stuff about actual game play.  Bonus points for covering Warhammer Fantasy (and Warmahordes) and helping to disprove (in the most positive way possible) the bullshit that is the ridiculous stereotype that the fluff-twats always apply to the Brits.

Anywho, Von's stuff is a good read and I urge you to check it out.

2.  Massive Voodoo - Not to be outdone by the likes of Mike McVey, the Axis Powers have developed there own super-weapon - Massive Voodoo.  CAUTION:  this blog may melt your face off.  All the guys involved are extremely talented, very prolific and willing to share.  Pretty much everything you want in any ace painter, let alone 8.   It's multilingual too, which is cool.  Though the English translations leave a bit to be desired at times. 

Advanced tutorials for the experienced painter and inspiration for the rest of the teeming masses.

The Nove Open and WarGamesCon (and the blogosphere).

Big events like these tend to slow down the pace of the blogging circle I like to run in since the people I like to read and who read me are busy with other things.  Whether its the business of gaming, commenting on the proceedings or being an outright reporter of events, people's attentions are focused on the spectacle.  It was with WarGamesCon last week, and with even more of my favorite authors heading to Virgina this weekend, I expect things will be even slower.

Actually, its already started.  Stelek has spent the last two weeks posting endless variation of the same two lists and everyone else has been focused on either there own NOVA preparations or trying to recover from WarGamesCon.  

So, in light of all the coverage that I know I'll be eating up this week (as well as the rest of you), I'm gonna take things a bit slower this week and focus on the assuredly good show that the NOVA open will be.  Still gonna hit you with my regularly scheduled theme days, but I'm not gonna bust out the good stuff til next week when everybody will read it.  In any case, No Pants Friday will be a bit 'different' to compensate for the fact that we all have more interesting things to do this weekend.

This will also give me a chance to spend some much needed time on not one, but two super secret special projects.

This picture is neither clever nor interesting. Sorry.

[Editor's Note:]  

Man, sounds a bit like I'm being a whiny-complain pants up there. I assure you that I am by no means trying to be a little bitch.  I know that I'm going to be pretty engrossed (read: glued to the intertubes) in the grudge matches on Friday let alone my readership. The Gamers Lounge will be doing live broadcasts via U-stream (that's live video, btw) and I know a few bloggers are gonna be on hand to cover things as well.  Now if I could just remember who they were... (Quick!  Somebody fill me in!)

Its been a while since I've given a shit about a tournament scene, but NOVA represents something new and a bit of an experiment.  Anywho, NOVA should prove to be very interesting and I'm looking forward to the results along with everyone else.  Thank Unholy Krondor I have Friday/Saturday off.


  1. <3 Von, he's one of the good ones.

    I'm so pumped for NOVA and my debut on live internets, I'll be compiling a list of shout outs and Lauby will definitely be up there.

  2. thank you kindly, my man! I'll make extra sure to tune in now!!


  3. I didn't know Von had a site - got to check that out.

  4. Lauby, man! I actually blushed, like unto a nerdy schoolboy whose existence has just been noticed by that fit bird in the sixth form.

    Thanks for noticing and saying such nice things - and while we're on the subject, I apologise on behalf of my countrymen. I hadn't quite realised the extent of the damage these idiots have done.

    Chumby, I know you love me, but cheers anyway.

    Brent, I hope you enjoy the blog, especially since you're one of the people who's motivating me to take an interest in 40K again.