Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thutorial Thursday: MORE DIY Light Boxes

Here I was thinking I had successfully staved off the first Thutorial Thursday for another week. I thought my clever combination of lies, excuses and techno-wizardry had been enough.

Then some helpful jackass super-pal posted up some additional light box alternatives.

Then it dawned on me that my posting was a bit light this week and I was still saving all of my juice for AFTER the NOVA open and for when people aren't gonzo for tourney's.

Begrudgingly, It's.... Thutorial Thursday.

Shit.  Yeah, its a lot like this for me too.
Since this whole crazy light-box train covers an area that I’m only familiar with in passing, I’ve been taking a more ‘shotgun’ approach to sharing information. All of these tutorials seem like they’d get you pretty close to the same effect as a store-bought light box. However, I can’t vouch for any one of them. Hence the resulting link storm and use of other people’s testimonials.

Alex, whose own personal warrior is probably (hopefully) bigger than one inch, posted another couple of great tutorials in a comment on what has now become the first half of light box week.

A Light box tutorial from a guy who has something to do with being a professional

Alex’s own efforts with the above.

In addition to all that helpful helpfulness, I found a tutorial with a similar result over on Massive Voodoo.

A slightly different version of the above light box with bonus broken English

So there, you guys go. Between today and Tuesday, I think there are something like 5 different versions of a homemade light box. One of them is bound to be good.

If anyone else has a light box tutorial or some examples of their own related experiments, please post them. I’d love to hear from you.

Once I get some tracing paper or somesuch, I'm gonna fiddle around with my own efforts and show them off - assuming that my problem all along has been direct light rather than the 5500k bulbs themselves.

The Road to NOVA
I’m still pretty excited about the NOVA this weekend. Lots of ‘celebrities’ are coming out of their basements to rock this one. If all the internet drama that’s starting to get stirred up is any indication, this should be one hell of an event. Chumby’s even promised to hit me with a shout out! Wewt.

I just have one question: besides Gamers Lounge, who else is doing event coverage? I had heard something about some blogs or somesuch being on scene but, for the life of me, I can’t remember who. So if anyone knows anything, hit me with the info.

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