Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amazing Internet Adventures! Chapter 3: Escape From Pleasure Dome

Having passed the challenges of the Gates to C'Mon, Lauby is free to explore the many treasures the Great City has to offer. While the threat of agonizing death by space lightning and the lure of the land’s many courtesans threaten to derail his quest, our Hero’s proceeds with a grim determination secure in the knowledge that the information he seeks is worth any cost. Along the way he meets the beguiling witch, Tenebra, who offers to be his guide.

So far, poking around CMON has been extremely rewarding. Though I’m not entirely sure that I’ve got enough ideas to round out every model in the Daemon army, I’ve got enough to keep me going for the near future.

This installment is mostly stuff that is relevant to my Slaanesh Heralds. Though I’m pretty sure I’m gonna paint the actual heralds in a color scheme that’s a throw-back to the red-robster claw daemonettes of the 90’s, I need ideas for the chariots. I might also find stuff that changes my mind - which will be important since the heralds are a but further down on the to do list.

This amazing Slaanesh Elf - I know I ranted about overly pretty Slaanesh things, but the execution of the paint job on this model is too startlingly good to not share. It also helps that while the model is supposed to be a pretty lady, it has a lot of distance between it and the ‘hawt stripper’ stereotype. Mostly, the dress is what I’m taken with. It’s just amazing. This model actually got me thinking about what whether I should use the banners for my heralds to make them stand out and give me a chance to stretch my free hand skills. Though I’m pretty sure that I wont be able to approach the level of skill involved with this.

An elaborate daemonette - I really like the mono-chromatic paint scheme on this one. Definitely something to attempt to repeat if I get a chance. There’s an incredible amount of detail on this as well - which is pretty cool since this is in the scratch built category. Actually, I just noticed that this model has a great deal more anatomical detail than I originally thought... not sure how I feel about that.  Gross.. I guess.  So mission accomplished.

Another elaborate daemonette - This one is here stictly for the banner. That’s a great peice of freehand. Mind bottling, even. Agian, I don;t think it’s something I can duplicate with any ease or quickness, but it get the brain gears turning. It also scares the wee out of me as well. Those eyes won’t stop staring into my soul!

A converted chariot - I’m gonna be using some plastic High Elf Chariots for my own heralds, and this example and the next have enough similarities with the kit to get me pointed in the right direction on how to chaos-ify them. I think the greenstuff is a bit overdone, but the idea of the kind of bas relief stuff that's going on with the chariot body is pretty intriguing.

Another chariot - I'm not too fired up about this model, to be honest.  Mostly its here because its completely painted and its one of the few chariot conversions for Slaanesh that I came across.  I think what kill sthis for me is how flat the monochromatic scheme is.  Not enough contrast.  Although the things pulling this contraption are pretty damn cool.

A super pink seeker - here’s another paint scheme I can apply to either my Fiends or the actual seekers on the herald’s chariots. The pink to blue fade is most excellent and so is the definition on the muscles. Plus, there are a number of cool touches on the base - the rusty pipes in particular are going in the ol’ idea box.

I think that's all I have room for without entering into wall-o-text mode.  I think this also marks the end of my search for Slaanesh stuff. At this juncture, I'm kinda tired of seeing naked slave girls chained to the this guy and I think have enough stuff in my head anyway to keep me going.


  1. Mind bottling, when things are so crazy it gets your thoughts all trapped, like in a bottle. LoL