Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quick Hits: This, That and the Other Thing

The beginning of the college school year is a time that hits one's free time pretty hard.  I know I've seen it - a bunch of the bloggers who are also students seemed to have disappeared for the last few weeks.  Its not much different for those of us on the other side of the exchange either.  Work has slowed down to a manageable level of chaos as all the new technology initiatives that rolled out over the summer are beginning to take hold in the students minds.  Looking back at the last couple of weeks, it was pretty hard to find the energy to paint let alone run two blogs.  So it looks like I'll be easing back into the more frequent posting schedule that I had built up to prior to the beginning of the semester.

Last week was a lot like this.. minus the booze this guy got to drink.
Which brings us to today's post, just kind of a quick rundown of some stuff and things that caught my attention that I didn't have the energy or time to write about.

1)  Stelek.  In a good way!  Ever since he got back from the NOVA open, he's been in a much better mood.  After he got his good financial news, he's been even better.  I, for one, am extremely glad he's back to dropping the science that made his site a regular read of mine.  Lately, it had been lots of contrived drama and half-hearted army critiques.  It had been suggested that he was being lazy.  I think otherwise.  At the risk of doing some arm-chair psychoanalysis, I think it had more to do with the depression that comes along with being unemployed and broke.  Having made it through Special Lady Friend's relatively brief stint of unemployment, I have a pretty good idea of what he was going through. Its rough, to say the least.  In any case, it seems like he's made some very positive changes in his content line up.  Should be a good ride if his fantasy articles are any indication.  Oh, and YETIcon seems to be back on track.  Good deal.

2)  Bad Timing.  As I look back on the fall semester rush, I really have to question the sanity of some of my choices as far as the hobby goes.  First up, HOP is at a crucial stage of its life - the "get started and try not to die" phase.  While we rightfully thought that waiting until after the NOVA open would be a good idea, we failed to take into account the beginning of the school year.  An event that deeply affects the lives of both Dethtron and myself and totally fucked with our ability to keep the content coming.  As successful as we think we've been so far, HOP just isn't established enough to live off of its brand name for two weeks,  As an added bonus, Dethtron's modem died last week.  Not cool, Zeus. Not cool.  Luckily, we managed to whether things and I think we've got a pretty good set of standards and goals to work with as we try and get more regular content going.  Then there was also the genius ideas to start a whole new army, buy the new Metroid game AND start a theme week on daemons on my own blog.  Hobbies should not stress you out.

3)  Space Wolves.  I finally picked up the 'new' Space Wolves Codex.  It was a pleasant suprise as it's pretty damn good.   I had held off on it for the longest time because nothing about it had grabbed my attention.  Then someone finally created a list I was actually interested in.  Until Chumby came along with his genius, nothing about the book had grabbed my attention - AT ALL.  The studio colors are drab, the 'top' army lists all seemed boring and then I had a bunch of preconceptions about the fluff.  The last thing I was interested in spending money on was the literary equivalent to the Three Wolf Moon tee shirt.  Sure the rules were supposed to be good, but there the number of things from the codex that I was seeing with the word 'wolf' appended to them was pretty staggering.  Well, not only are the rules good, the fluff ain't all that bad (in that its actually pretty good) and the codex has so many viable builds in it that it beggars belief.

That's it for now, I'm afraid.  I've made some great progress on my Daemons (great for me, at least) and there's gonna be more of the abortive Daemon week coming down the feeding tube later on.  So look for some of that this week and next as well as a return to No Pants Friday... on Friday.


  1. School started ages wtf is wrong with you! Hell it's almost over lol.

  2. or at least it did for the pack of weirdos who live in oz. ha!

  3. Yay, I'm loved!

    Yeah, ever since I got back from Nova life has been hitting me hard. Blogging is tough when your plate is as full as mine ><

  4. That's probably the most complimentary thing said about an Aussie on a 40k blog ever :D

  5. I feel your pain - hell, I'm probably one of the examples!

    I'm simply exhausted, but I've still got to keep plugging away.