Friday, September 3, 2010

Daemon Week: Plaguebearers WIP

Daemon week has been kinda sparse - not much of a week at all. I thought it might be nice to fix that a little bit.

Actually, first, a bit of whinging.

Its the beginning of the school year.  Work has been crazy as all the students make there way to campus and need some hand holding.  As part of the group of people that are trained and paid to hold those hands, I have been run ragged over the last five days.  No down time at work and barely enough time and energy when I get home to even uproot my ass from the couch.  Special Lady Friend compared me to a washed out picture of myself when I came home on Monday night.  Ouch.

On one hand, its nice to get back to feeling like a professional again and its pretty fuckin' rad to help so many people get going with their expensive education.  On the other hand, it hasn't been so good for my hobbies.  For the lat few nights, it's basically come down to whether I want to paint or blog.  As much as I love the Internets and my 'fans', painting wins out every time.  I love/need the kind of relaxing, calming, centering kind of thing it does for me when I'm stressed.

Right... back to the daemons.  As much as I could, I've made progress on the plaguebearers. They're assembled (about as much as a single peice model can be), based and ready for paint.  Not bad for a weeks sporadic work of dealing with all the things I love/hate about metal models.  Which actually brings up a bunch of points that I';; save for another day.

Here's what a I got so far:

Just need to prime these guys once some of the basing effects dry and I'm ready for the part of the army I'm most looking forward too. I've got some new techniques to try out and a lot of color schemes to add variety.  Overall, I'm pretty pumped to get started on some of the models I've been this excited about painting.


  1. man, your army transport is gonna way a fucking ton with that thing. it's funny how much lighter my bag is with my elysians in it vs. with my menoth in it

  2. Nice I can't wait to see your treatment of papa Nurgle's minions. I've always had a soft spot for plaguebearers. Will you be adding the command squad at all??

  3. I go the first five done last weekend. Just need to photograph them and they'll be up.