Tuesday, September 14, 2010

List-erine: Titles are Hard

Looks like I totally missed the No Pants Friday I was planning on doing last week.  It was going to be an uplifting message of tolerance and, simultaneously, a detailed analysis of one of the longest standing 40k internet feuds of all time.

Sadly, it was not to be.

A bunch of plaguebeares, Arrested Development (the show) and Samus Aran herself handily prevented that from happening.  Oh, and yesterday's terrible (in hindsight) post went into the crapper the moment I had to solve some blogger issues relating to a custom URL.  In any case, I've managed to clear that, Arrested Development and Metroid: Other M from my to do list and I think its about time I started building back up to a more regular posting schedule again.  I have something nice and introspective planned for tomorrow that absolutely tickles me to no end.   Today, I have something a little more vacuous.

Lat weekend was a lot like this, in fact.

It's no secret that I love net lists as a jumping off point for new armies.  As I've mentioned numerous times, grabbing a net list allows me to focus on the gaming and painting aspects of the hobby with a drastically minimized chance of fucking myself over on my investment of time and money.  But there's a catch: it's actually very easy to find a good net list - or even ask for one - but finding a list that also grabs me in some way can be considerably more difficult.  Which is why I tend to habitually look for interesting lists.  I like to be prepared in case the 'new army' bug stops by.

While my number one seed recently got moved to full project status, there are still a ton of things on the ol' wishlist.  So lemme break that out, with my imaginary notes.  These are the things that are at the front of the line in case the opportunity crops up to start a new army.  You'll notice that most of the list is pretty recent.  The reason for that is that its always good to get new and fresh stuff queued up so you're taking the best advantage of an evolving game system.  Also, the fact that some of the lists are so recent is a big reason I thought I'd go ahead and share - there's just so much great stuff out there right now.

So, in no particular order - Ze List of Lists

Chumbalya's LoganWing 
This is a list that Chumby's been dicking around with for a while now.  I just never noticed it until the amount of firepower it had was pointed out.  That's a ton of dakka!  What really gets me is the intermixing of terminators and power armor guys in the squads.  Having seen the army in photos - it just looks so cool on top of everything else!

Pros:  Very low model count (60 ish) and a lack of tanks makes for a relatively quick assembly and paint time.  Its also dirt cheap to build for the most part.  It gets even cooler since it bucks the mech trend and still cranks out dakka like it could win a contest if it shoots enough missiles.  Extra special bonus points for having some very cool suicide units to tie up the enemy while the long fangs and terminators go to work.

Cons:  All of those redundant missile upgrades are hard to get a hold of - potentially raising the cost of the army noticeably.  Even more important is the fact that the only thunderwolf model out so far is 40 bucks a pop and solid metal.  Ouch.  The fact that there's also not a lot of opportunity for painting things in colors other than gray and yellow is kinda lame, but significantly mitigated by the low model count.

SandWyrm's EmoWing
This has been SandWyrm's pet project since July and I've been following it eagerly ever since he announced it.  There's a lot to like about this army - its a fantastically cool idea, its got lots of special character cheese and its something we've all wanted to secretly do since the Sanguinary Guard models were released.  Nipple marines and all, its very flash and very gloriously golden.

Pros:  An even lower model count than the Loganwing (32, including the speeders) with an even crazier premise.  very cheap to purchase and, again, it should be a quick paint job.  Plus, its expandable - with a minimum of effort, it can also be reworked into any number of all jumper armies.  All you have to do is add honor guard and/or vanguard veterans to taste.

Cons:  Its kinda gimmicky and the low model count means that once things go south, what would be minor manpower loses for other armies can start to cripple you.  I would worry that the army might get boring after a while as well.  A lack of model variation rounds out the cons, but is a minor one by far since its not even 30 foot models strong.

Stelek's Venomthrope List 1 (and List 2)
I'm lumping these three lists together since they both operate under the same idea - permanent cover from the venomthropes.  There's a lot to like in these armies and the fact that the whole thing is just kind of blobbing around in a cloud is just icing on the pie.  I've also had a soft spot for the bugs since they got a new book and one day hope to abuse their special rules to the fullest.

Pros:  Lots of monstrous creatures means fewer models to paint.  Bonus points for a fun, gimmicky feel to the list. Super bonus points for being the exact kind of frustration that I like to inflict on my opponents.  Plus, I already have a paint scheme worked out that wont take a million years to implement

Cons:  Only one... but its a big one.  GW has yet to produce models for the 3 of the best units in the codex.  All of which are in these lists.  It'd basically be a waiting game until new kits came out since I hate taking my conversions beyond kit bashing.

Stelek's Tyranid MC CC list
This is another themed Tyranid list that revolves around monstrous creatures.  This one is even a bit crazier than the venomthrope lists be sheer virtue of the number of high toughness wounds with a 2+ armor save you have to get through.  The whole smashy-smashy feel also rocks my socks.

Pros and Cons:  Same as the venomthrope lists.  I like the frustration it presents but many key models don't exist yet.   Although I do already have a Trygon and a hive guard painted...

Stelek's Anti-Codex Creep Marines
This thing is almost brand spankin' new and its already got me thinking about it.  The variety of units is very great and it has all kinds of cool tactical features - the terminator vortex bombs being the most interesting.  I'm also a big fan of the new 'hybrid' approach that's been cropping up more lately.  Its nice to see lists taking advantage of vehicles without it doing it to the exclusion of all else.  Though I normally find vanilla marines kinda boring, this one is super special since it could potentially breath live back into my Iron Warriors project.

Pros:  The biggest draw here is the fact that it would be very easy to slot my two Iron Warriors squads in.  The release of the new forgeworld stuff also sucks me in - there are even more options for pre-heresy modeling then there ever were.  With a pretty reasonable amount of cash, I could totally get all kinds of old-timey looking weapons and armor options to really add some character to the force.  Also, I secretly lover terminators and this army is yet another way to get some. 

Cons:  Marines are kinda boring and I'm still feeling a bit burnt out on the Iron Warriors.  Plus, its been over a year since I last worked on them.  Its either start all over again with a new chapter or spend time relearning my complicated notes.

So there you guys go, these are the kinds of things that have been floating around my head off and on.  I hope you enjoyed the little peek into my wish list.  Now I'm not even remotely saying that a new army is already on the horizon - god no - but...  Christmas is a mere 3 and half months away. So if I get my ass in gear and play my cards right, I could get a sizable chunk of a new army.  Though definitely not if unless I'm at least close to finishing one of the other two armies.

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