Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Flesh Tearers - Recipe Notes (Part 2)

Picking up from where I left off we have:

Step 7:  Power Swords (or other weird details as appropriate)
It won't always be a power weapon, but this is usually when I do things like that.  It could be glow effects, hazards stripes or whatever.

In this case, i borrowed a recipe from a back issue of White Dwarf.  I can provide the recipe upon quest.
Step 8:  Gold Stuff
In reality, this wasn't actually step 8, but my usual process sees me finish off the main body before I move onto the black parts.

I base all the gold parts with VMC English Uniform and then to P3 Brass Balls with a 50/50 mix in between.  I then wash with a mix of p3 armor wash and p3 umbral Umber (sometimes with a spot of Bloodtracker Brown) to bring out details.  Things are touched up with Brass Balls and then a silver is added for a sparing highlight.

Step 9: Purity Seals, scrolls and cloth
All the cloth-y bits get a base of Graveyard earth (a surprisingly common color in other ranges) which is then worked up to pure Bleached Bone. Usually there are about 2 intermediate layers.  I wash devlan mud into the crevasses for a shade and then touch it all up with a roughly 50/50 mix of Bleached Bone and White.

Once that's dry I'll go back and add text/decoration with a 005 black micron marker.  Which I then seal with some brush on Matte Varnish to protect the ink from the final sealant.

Then it's on to the waxy parts.  Successively smaller layers of Burnt Cadmium Red, Skorne Red, Blood Red and then 50/50 Blood Red/Vomit Brown.  I don't much care for green purity seals, so I just do a brighter more orange red.

Step 10:  White Bits
Another pretty complicated process here I'm afraid.  But that's how details go.  Note to self:  look into alternate colors to phase out mixing.

I use the recipe for the Sanguinor's wings in the GW masterclass book, So I wont repeat it.  But I will if people ask in the comments.

Micron pen not relevant.
Step 11:  The Base
I usually get this out of the way early.  

The dirt gets a base of Thornwood green and then two highlights.  One of Battledress Green and then Hammerfall Khaki.  The rim gets painted with Graveyard earth.

Rocks (such as they are) get a coat of Charadon Granit and then a Cryx Bane Highlight... highlight.

No idea what kind of grass I'm gonna add yet. 

Step 12:  Partial Assembly
If needed, I put all the red parts together.  The regular power armor guys usually don't need any assembly right now.

Looking awesome so far!


  1. Awesome work, Lauby. What's the army going to be, a Crusade? I must have missed a post, because you've been working on your Mentor Legion Vindies - that's the Chapter, yes? - now Flesh Tearers.

    Do tell!

    1. sons of medusa, actually.

      But I'm actually just jumping around from project to project. I had been sitting on the vindies for years and got a wild hair to paint them. Now I'm putting in some more work on a count's as loganwing army I started last spring.

  2. Any chance of the recipes for the colours you've mentioned from white dwarf?

    Also, what are the scissor like tools you are using to hold the models? Why those as opposed to corks?



    1. those things are called hemostats. Noramlly they're a medical tool, but you can get 'em for pretty cheap all over the place. I prefer them over corks because the gripping action of the hemostats prevents things from moving around on me and gives me a better range of motion. If I'm doing anything already on a base then I'll usually stick 'em to an old paint pot with some blue tac. That being said, I will use a cork from time to time, but in very specific situations.

      I'll do the recipes in another post either today or tomorrow.

    2. Thanks!

      I look forward to the other paint recipes and am off to hunt down some Hemostats I think.

      When you do the recipes is ther any chance you can say which articles/white dwarf issues they came from aswell?