Thursday, April 12, 2012

Projects: Back Burners and Breaks

Nothing like a little change in pace to get the old juices flowing again.  I'm talking blogging AND painting.

So where am I?  The Vindicator project was a smashing success and deserves a bit of discussion:

First, the Vindicator kit is significantly more complicated than the regular rhino chassis.  Lots of extra parts, lots of extra bulk and lots of extra details.  It all eats up a lot of time.  In a way I'm actually kinda glad that I won't have to mess with them again.  Which is not to say that I am anything less than completely chuffed to bits about the results. 

Now, to answer Snake88's question since it's a good one and one that I've been mulling over for the last 5 days while I worked on a Malifaux model.  Short and simple:  The dreadnoughts.  If I'm actually wanting to immediately continue on.

The whole Vindicator initiative was to kind of a jumping off point to work my way through some of my old stuff and see how close I could get to an army on just left overs.  I would have submitted it Dethtron for his Spare Parts 'month', but it was more of a 'spare kits' thing.  Moving forward, I have two Forgeworld Dreadnoughts, a speeder, two drop pods and who knows how many marines I could scrounge up.  So a pretty good basis for a list if not the basis for a good list.  
I'd even gone so far as to get some list building help from the fine gents over at 3++.  Chumbalaya, GlanceOnA6 and the pink man himself, Kirby, all gave me some solid advice on how to turn my pile of weirdness into an army.  And a pile of future weirdness since I had a brief fixation with the Caestus Assault Ram and Sternguard (thankfully now passed).  

Now that I'm a month and a half down the road, the 'for funsies' lists just aren't capturing my imagination at anymore.  Especially since the forced drop pod inclusions were really rather drastically altering what my lists could look like.  I'm no longer married to those and taking a long look at doing some kind of Vulkan Thunderbubble thing.  Which is rapidly looking like a much more solid build choice.

But there are two obstacles:

1) Getting the third Vindicator done ended up being a bit of a slog at the end.  If I continue to move forward, Sons of Medusa Burn out is a real possibility.

2) No matter what army build I go with, I'm looking at having to make a ton of new purchases to actually make progress once the dreads are done.  Which is a problem since 6th edition is right around the corner.  

The 6th edition question is a show stopper.  Even if the game is just a collection of minor tweaks, I have no idea how they will affect the viability of an already borderline list.  

I could also switch back to my own Malifaux stuff, but I'm just not quite feeling it yet.  I'm on a big sci-fi kick at the moment - though I have no problems with Special Lady Friend's Arcanists, mind you.  Plus, they've been a huge part of keeping the hobby burnout away since last summer.

I have a host of other options though;

1) Finish up the last few bits of my Eldar stuff.  Blech.  I love my Eldar, but the idea of painting ANOTHER hover tank makes me want to vomit.  

2) Do some more work on the roughly $700+ worth of daemons I have.  This one is tempting, but the Gk took the piss out of the book and the sting of that hasn't quite gone away yet.  Plus, most of what I have is metal and therefore full of pitfalls.  So, a huge backlog with lots of repetitive poses for a codex that's not all that great?  Nah. 

3) Do some more work on my Loganwing.  Which I have and never told most people about.  Specifically, a Chumbalaya style Loganwing.  Even more specifically, a Flesh Tearers counts as Chumbalaya style Loganwing.  I've always been a fan of foot lists in 5th - but the good ones are few and far between.  Also, the Blood Angels as models - but not rules wise.  I think I started this as an attempt to battle Eldar burnout and then ended up having to power through the Eldar anyway to get them ready for last summer's vacation.

I'm heavily leaning towards option 3 up there. 

I already own everything I need for it, about a third of it is done and the space wolf book is still really, really good.  Plus it's got that magic low model count combined with the fact that my drop pods can be worked in as an expansion for an Arjac Bomb.

 Ok, honesty time - I've already decided to do option 3.  Additional paints were purchased before the GW switch over happened, empty mixing bottles are on deck and the plan to convert Bloodcrushers has been replaced with actual Thunderwolves (which, consequently, makes the daemon pile bigger).  Plans are already in motion.

Here's what I have done so far from last year:

It may not look like much, but these 16 guys actually represents just about a third of the army both points wise and model count wise.

I'll post regular updates on these guys in a fashion similar to the Vindicators.  Though I may scale back the step by step a bit

So, the Sons of Medusa get a rest until we're closer to 6th edition and my wacky action Flesh Tearers (Space wolves in disguise) step up.

Til next time!

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  1. Fun looking stuff!

    Alas, I did not stock up sufficiently on the old paints, and now have hit a wall. Luckily, I have a spare Rhino chassis or two, and can test on them...