Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vindicator #2 - Day 14 and 15

Sorry about the delay there, everyone - a sudden gust of real life... you know what?  I had a really bad wind themed sentence that I was gonna do.  Not anymore!  Let's me, instead, simply say that I got caught up in things and forgot to update.

Day 14 went as planned and I was able to line the tank with the trusty oil paint wash technique.

I think you can tell that I lined these parts.  Cause I totally did.

So that was that.  I woke up a bit early the following morning for yet another coat of Tamiya Clear so that when I got to the grime streaks, I wouldn't muss up the lining.

Which I then did on Day 15.

I washed the tracks to the appropriate color and then attached those before I got on to the last bit of oil painting.  Sadlt, I forgot to finish the headlights.  Plenty of time for that tomorrow.

Aaaand there we are.  Day 16 is gonna be lame, so heads up there.  But once Friday rolls around, things will get back to rolling around quickly as I won't have a bunch of IRL schedule limitations mucking things up.

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