Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vindicator #2 - Day 12 and 13

Sorry about the delay in the ol' posting schedule there, folks.  My progress for say 12 was so minor that I didn't think it even merited it's own post.  Plus I had no idea what to do for a supplemental.  So, again, I didn't bother.  Day 13... on the same hand... was also slow.  But by their powers combined, day 12 and 13 give me something to write about.  Even if it is a very small amount of writing:

Over the course of the last two days I managed to get all the necessary details done that I needed. Not a bad spot to be in.  Just a few quick steps and then I'm done!

Day 14 will open up with a coat of Tamiya Clear to giver everything the gloss coat that makes the oil effects super crazy easy to do.  Some kind of magic and or science I'm told.

...crap.  Even with 'two days' worth of work, I still have a little stub of a post.

So here's something!

I mentioned that I've been using some micron permanent markers to do the writing on the scrolls instead of my usual (and unnecessarily difficult) method of painting them on meticulously.  Overall, the markers are waaaaay better suited to the task at hand.  But as I was looking over the past two tanks, I remembered one of the reasons why I ended up abandoning the easy route.  I tend to use a lacquer based dullcoat spray on a lot of my models and it really does a number on washing out the marker.

So I'm currently running a bit of an experiment whereby I seal the marker in with an acrylic varnish before I dullcoat.  I hope this solves the problem.  More on that as it develops.

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  1. Man these tanks are so damn sexy!!! Honestly you should be real proud of what you've done here.