Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vindicator #2 - Day 11

Progress was again slow for day 11, but still steady.  Which is more than I can say for many, many of my projects that get this close to completion.

So lets jump in!

Two more of the smaller pieces are now done.  On a project like this, I like to complete all these little sub assemblies first so They're not cluttering up my work area.

The last little piece is done and out of the way.  I also took the opportunity to kill do birds with one stone and do all the parchment at the same time.

All the black areas have been blocked out.  Note the cool little shield thing.  It's just one of many establishments I added to this tank so it can stand in as the command tanks for a Line Breaker Squadron when next it sees an Apocalypse game.

All the little skulls and birds are done.  By far the most tedious part.  Glad I wont have to do any more of either for a while.

And then I got a good start on the rest of the metal parts before the siren call of TV lured me away.
The slowing down of progress on this model is, I think, fairly telling of my immediate interest in this project.  I think I need a tank break.  Hell, probably a Sons of Medusa break.  I had plans to paint up as much of an army as I could for as long as I had left overs from past failed projects.  However, as I reach the end of the Vindicator Trio, it dawns on me that I need to shift gears or risk burnout.  Which has always been my problem - I have a very hard time sustaining progress like this on any one project.

Three tanks  in a little over a month is pretty intense pace for me.  After this it's another Malifaux model and then... probably a revisit to some other project.  My attempt at a foot based Space Wolves army is looking likely.  But I also have a whole mess of Malifaux Stuff of my own to paint.  Luckily, I don't have to choose now so that's good.

In any case, three painted Vindicators is a mark in the W column and answers a long standing (minor) complaint from Special Lady Freind concerning hobby stuff I never use.


  1. take it from me, a foot Wolf army is a heartache waiting to happen. =/

    1. I dunno, good ol' Chumby always seemed to have fun with it. Which is probably why I did a pretty exacting job on ripping him off. :)