Friday, April 27, 2012

Flesh Tearers - Recipe Notes Supplemental

Segmentum Obscurus Studios asked about a bunch of the recipes I used back in part 2 of the Flesh Tearers notes. Since I said I would provide them if anyone asked, here we are.

I'm not gonna have any step by step pics, but I will show what the final product looks like on my models as well as the GW models they had used for the Masterclass Article I got the recipe from.

Just a heads up, though.  All of these are done with the old GW paints, so if you need to convert to the new stuff that's on you.

Power Swords.
This is actually a pretty easy effect to pull off - simple steps and a minimum of color mixing.  I love stuff like this.
Original:  Space Hulk duder (not the exact same example I worked from)

1) Base the whole thing with straight up black.  Though you can put a dot or two of blue in the black to take some of the harshness out of it (which I did).
2) With a 50/50 mix of Regal Blue and Ice blue, I highlight all the edges and draw on the lightning effect.  Use a fine point brush and be sure to thin your paints.
3)  With straight Ice blue I go over all the lightning effects and most of the hard edges.  You want to leave some of the edging from step 2 visible.  The general idea is that the lighter you focus the lighter colors towards the top of the weapon.
4) With a mix of ice blue and white, I do a third highlight.  Again, I'm leaving plenty of the previous step viable on the edging.
5) Now you mix  Hawk Turquoise and Dark Angels green ( I used P3 Gnarls Green) and then GLAZE the blade with that mix until you achieve the desired result.  Remember to let each glaze dry before you do the next.
6) I then take some of the color from step 1 and edge around where the blade meats the hilt and around the little  wire things as well for added definition.
7) Touch up your highlights with a very sparing application of straight white.  You primarily want to focus on the top of the blade the junctions on your lightning pattern.

My take

White Stuff
This is another fairly uncomplicated recipe at least technique wise, but it has a lot of steps in it.  It also relies a lot on foundation paints, so be sure to thin them to avoid lumpiness.

Original:  Wings from the Sanguinor
1) Base the area with a 2:1 mix of Astronimicon Gray and Fenris Grey
2) Mix a wash of Fenris Gray and Codex Gray.  about 50/50.  Apply it to the whole area.
3) Mix black into the step 2 mix so that you're at about 50/50 black and the previous mix.  Apply this to the deep recesses only.
4) Using straight Astronomicon Gray, paint all the raised areas up to a good solid coat.  This step is as much a full layers as it is a highlight.
5) with a 50/50 mix of white and Astronomicon Gray, do another highlight layer.  Remember to leave some of step 4 showing.
6) With straight white, apply the final highlight.  Remember to leave some of step 5 showing.

My take:  any of the white on this guy


  1. Thanks for breaking down the power-sword technique, I have a squad of Howling Banshees that could use their swords repainted and I'd love to try this out (don't ask why I have a painted squad of Banshees, I know they're nearly useless). Very awesome stuff, you're like the Alton Brown of mini painting!

    1. Nicest thing anyone's said to me this week.


  2. Why does it look so easy when you do it?

  3. Thanks for these extra guides - its much appreciated.



    1. forgot the WD issues in the post:

      363 for the white
      356 for the sword

      Those are the american numbers if that's relevant. Both issies have blood angels stuff on the cover.