Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All Quiet on the Western Front and HHH #2

Lets see... worked on the 4 pairs of legs AGAIN. Weeee. Got all of the main highlighting and touching up done. If I'm lucky, I can be done by tomorrow and have the legs glued to bases. Just gotta do purity seals and company markings. No update picture as a third boring picture of legs might be too much boringness.

HOWEVER, we have

Helpful Handy Hint #2

All of the pictures of the aforementioned legs have shown them to be attached to a wooden thing. This wooden thing is what i think is called a painting rig.

It makes base coating a breeze and is a handy way to store a bunch of parts while working on them. You can pick the rig up and get to all kinds of hard to get to areas (for a more even coat) and it keeps works in progress offa the grunge on the work area while keeping the paint safe.

It's really only helpful if you do a lot of pinning, like me. This is because you have to have a length of rod attached to the model in order to set it in the rig.

Simply get two lengths of dowel rod (or whatever wood you have - square rods would work too) and screw them together in a 'T' shape. I found that it was helpful to pre-drill the hole before screwing the rods together - prevented splitting. It was also helpful to do a little notch on the top of the 'T' for stability. Once its built, simply drill a number of holes on the surface for sticking rods in.

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