Friday, July 20, 2007

Delayed Arms Shipment

No pictures today - it just be another boring shot of some arms. The graininess of the primer is proving to be easy to work around, but it's still flaking off and getting into things.

My Rhino and veterans boxes are delayed. Apparently it was too much trouble for the people at to read my shipping address and copy it exactly onto a shipping label. Go figure. According to the tracking info, the correct address has been found. I'll see my package on Monday. Woo. Oh well, not like I was gonna be able to start any of those things yet anyway.

It also turns out that I don't have the parts for an apothecary yet, either. Gonna need to grab a command squad box for the sole purpose of grabbing one arm and one backpack. Probably get that when I order a Razorback.

[bitch, bitch, bitch]

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