Thursday, July 19, 2007

Full Bodied Flavor

Awesome! I got the torsos done earlier today. Got 'em glued to the legs as well. The models are starting to look like actual marines.

Now, I've begun work on the arms. Taking a bit of a departure on how I'm gonna do them. Gonna do 'em in pairs rather than as a a run of 4 of each part. So, I've got two sets of arms primed and started.

Sorry for the blurriness of this shot. I ran into a bit of trouble on the priming, though. For some reason, large areas of the primer came out 'grainy' and textured. had to sand 'em a bit. I ran into a bit of this on the torsos, but I was able to overcome. Bow, looks like I've maybe got some bad primer. I'll have to switch from my Armory White to my Citadel White.

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