Saturday, July 14, 2007

Naughty Bitz

Well, I haven't really worked on my Dark Angels in a couple of days (though I did touch up some shading). However, I have made great progress on my Chaos Lord - actually, most of it yesterday as I didn't really work on anything at all today. He's ready to be primed once the green stuff fully cures. then I can move on to painting him up proper.

I'm extremely happy witht he way he's turning out. The actual conversion process took the better part of a day - due to hand tools. If only I had a Dremel. (note to self: buy Dremel at earliest convenience).

I decided to try something new with the base. I rolled some green-stuff across the top and carved a suitably evil pattern in to it. My plan is to paint it all marble or metal like and then make it glossy. Might be coll, might not. We'll see.

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