Monday, July 23, 2007

My Disdain of GW Decals

I hate 'em. There, I said it. They suck. They have all kinds of failings.

1.) They're too thin. When they dry, the color of the paint the decal is on shows through. In my case, green - so everything looks green. In the case of red decals, it looks pink.

2.) They have too much 'flash' around them. Yep the decal's borders extend too far past the actual art. When it goes on, there is this large, ugly band around the decal.

3.) The decals specifically meant to go on shoulder pads aren't shaped for it. So, when it goes on, the decal intedned for a curved surface (that is actually made for flat surface) bunches up and further looks like shit.

I have found that in order to make the decals look acceptable, I have to trim the flash around the image and then stick it on. Once its on, but still wet, I trim off any remaining flash. Once its dry, i then paint ove them using the original image as a pattern. I wouldn;t even bother at all, if it weren't for all the ridiculous freehand that would entail.

Oh, right.. progress update. I've got three of the four arms done. I'll finish the last one tonight and then start the next batch.

That is all.

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