Thursday, July 12, 2007

Have a chaos-tastic day!

All the parts for my Chaos Terminator Lord Of Tzeentch arrived today. So, now I have a new project. Should be fun. I got the idea from a games workshop online article. (here:

I really like the conversion, so I decided to try my hand at it. I'm going to use most of these bits:

(click for larger pics)

Into something resembling the model in the aforementioned article. I may even use some privateer press minis as well. I really like the ephemeral ghost elf and sword of Goreshade the Bastard.

I'm pretty sure the ghost-lady will end up being a familiar and I may end up sing the blade of of this guys weapon instead of the Ubshabti glaive. Who knows.

I've already cleaned the metal parts with some Simple Green and water to get rid of the mold releasing agent. So now I begin to modify parts (instead of finishing my tactical squad project.) The initial process of modifying the various parts for this conversion my result in multiple updates a day - for progress's sake.

For the record here is a list of all the stuff I got for this project:
  • Chaos terminator head 5
  • Chaos terminator Champion head 1
  • Chaos terminator power mace
  • Thousand Sons head sprue 2
  • Thousand Sons bolter/cloth sprue
  • Chaos vehicle accessory sprue
  • Grey Knight terminator 2
  • Grey Knight terminator storm bolter 2
  • Grey Knight terminator nemesis halberd
  • Grey Knight terminator shield sprue
  • Ubshabti Glaive 2
  • some 40mm bases.
  • Goreshade the Bastard blister

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