Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving the Hobby Cave - Update #10

Another few hours of packing and things are still rockin' and a rollin'.  I'm in the homestretch with this update so things are looking good to be done by this Saturday.

The rest of my paint went into boxes, bringing me to a total of 8.  Yikes.

I then moved onto another full box of this that and the other thing.  I forgot to take a picture before I tapped it so you can't see the ingenious way I used a milk crate to protect a bunch of loosely packed terrain and basing materials.   In any case, this brings me up to 8 moving boxes done.

I also have some more trash to get rid of.  My DIY paint rack has to go and my first real bummer of a decision crops up.  Boo-urns. Though that can of paint will not be missed.  I picked that up from the mis-mixed paint section of Home Despot while looking for a cheap paint for my Malifaux board.  Turned out this was a legitimate mis-mix and a waste of 2 bucks.

The rest of my latex paint went into a plastic trash-bag for safety and then into one of my cheap-o Ikea hobby containers.  Once I score some giant plastic wrap I can call this box number 9 and chuck it in the truck as is.

On a semi-related note, I currently live 15 minutes away from an Ikea and it will be sorely missed once I get to the new place the nearest one will be closer to 3 hours away.  So much useful stuff for so cheap - truly a boon for me as a hobbyist.  Well, it's always an excuse to visit my buds in Chicago.


  1. Following this so far and it has made me think about my man cave. I would not like to be in your shoes, no doubt I will be one day, but I'll cross that bridge when the day comes.

    1. Yeah, it's not been a treat so far. But I think the payoff will be well worth it. Hobby cave 2.0 will be in a much bigger space.

    2. Nice, I can't wait to follow your progress when moving next time aswell.

  2. Honestly, I find the prospect of building studios more exciting than tearing them down!