Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving the Hobby Cave - Update #7

Only one post for tonight, I'm afraid. Most of the progress I got done didn't lend itself to before and afters.

Here we go!  But beware, a lot of this makes me look like a hoarder.

Like I said last time, I went ahead and collected some of the trash I had uncovered.  There were some old electronic parts I had picked up from Unholy Krondor knows where for use in terrain making.  I had stripped them down and then kept the useless parts too.  Weeee!

On a weird sort of a bummer, my homemade light box and  homemade airbrush box had to go too.

No idea what my cat was up too, but knowing him it was probably some esoteric sort of no good.

While cleaning, I ran into my collection of bags acquired over many years of Warstore, Forgeworld and various bits orders.  I got 'em to pack down into that Khador box so I decided I got to keep them.  Never know when a semi-heavy duty ziplock bag may come in handy.

After that, I gathered a couple of other boxes together.  It's beginning to look like I have another moving box shaping up.

A side effect of all this trash collecting is that I now have a clear idea of what to do for the next couple of updates - pack the things that only look like trash.  It may seem weird that I want to keep a bunch of empty paint pots and foam, but it's all so damn useful and hard to replace despite being free.

Pardon me while I rationalize my sickness.

Some collected terrain bits are also on deck.  Special note goes to my collection of spare computer fans and sprues.  The fans are a definite save.  The sprues?  I dunno yet.  If I can clip 'em down into a small enough space then their coming with.  My plastic sprue days are little limited right now due to the distance I have with the GW version of my hobby so it's gonna be a bit hard to replace such a useful bit of junk.

Then we have the ol' spray paint collection.  This one is a real pickle.  It's gnerally regarded to be a bad idea to pack these things for a move.  BUT, there's some serious money invested in a few of those cans.  I think a ruthless weeding session is on order followed by a plastic lined box for the survivors.  If someone has a reason I should do things different, I'm all ears.

That's it for today!

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  1. hey, those heavy duty ziploc bags work great for spray cans... I've used a piece of newspaper or tissue taped to the nozzle in addition to the bag. it worked for me.