Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Moving the Hobby Cave - Update #8

It just dawned on me today that I'll be loading the truck in two weeks.  Yikes!

Still a lot to do, but I think the hobby cave will be a done deal in by the end of my weekend.  Not too shabby considering how daunting things looked at first.

Solid progress today, starting with me getting my beloved plastic sprues into an acceptable small box and then all my terrain doo-dads in another.  Nice and compact.

The packing so far has involved few hard choices so far.  None, to be exact.  Way less then I was preparing for.

Most of the stuff I pulled together last nigh went into a box with today's stuff and the job's a good-'un.

After that, I sorted out some more of the stuff that would look like trash to the untrained eye.  No pictures here, since my page views are already low enough for this series without me posting pictures of old blister packs, foam inserts and empty paint pots.  Exciting!

Next on deck was the spray paint conundrum and I have to say that it went pretty damn well.  The idea to line the box with a trash bag worked swimmingly and special lady friend had the good sense to point our the obvious storage solution that I'd been overlooking for the thee day drive - stick 'em in the air-conditioned cab of the truck!  No idea what I'd do without her.

Despite the half-hearted purge, there were a few casualties.  Those duplicolor cans ended up as trash as they were mostly empty duplicats of stuff that made it into the box.  The ancient can of skull white primer of unknown quality was next followed by the two worst spray products I've ever spent money on:  Citadel Purity Seal satin varnish and armory white primer.  GW had the good sense to discontinue it's model ruining product.  Armory, not so much.  How this product is still in stores baffles me to this day.

It's not all sunshine and laughter though.  I have most of 50 pound bag of sand to dispose of.  Which means carrying it down two flights of stairs. Bah!

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