Saturday, July 21, 2012

Moving the Hobby Cave - Update #2

Things are taking a whole hell of a lot longer than I want them to.

An hour and a half later and I'm just now finished boxing up the stuff I pulled out for update 1 + a few things I missed.

Here's what I got so far:

Progress!  Based on how long this relatively easy leg took it looks like starting early on this project was the way to go.

Here's a shot of the room as a kind of bench mark.  Too bad this pic makes it look like I didn't even put a dent in the hobby cave.

I pulled some my magazines out for some more packing action, but I don't have anything ready to stick 'em with and it's just about midnight here anyways.  Looks like it's time to stop for the night.

I think I'm gonna have to bite the bullet tomorrow and start the day by getting my bits boxes ready to go.  Not looking forward to that, but it's either that or my paint collection.  Blech. Lo was right, I need to organize better next time around.

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