Saturday, July 21, 2012

Moving the Hobby Cave - Update #4

Ok, an hour and a half on the bits packing.  Not as bad as it could have been.

Most of the work was spent on repacking things since the black boxes I was storing them in were just a bit too space inefficient to just stick in a moving box.

A bunch of Special Lady Friend's old shoes boxes came in handy.

In some cases I didn't bother with much repacking.  Organizing some foam trays I keep my cool metal stuff in would have taken hours.  So I just plastic warped them.

The payoff for all the repacking was that I got most of my bits (and a few other things for filler) into one box.

Though I still have some left.

That can all go in the next box!

It's time for a well deserved break after a much needed shower and then I'll start looking for what I'm going to round out the next moving box with.

1 comment:

  1. Keep at it. It's looking good. This kind of work will help you prioritize what to keep, what to pitch, and put like things together. All good stuff so you can unpack at the new place and actually get stuff done.