Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moving the Hobby Cave - Update #16

All that's left between me and completion is getting the terrain boards ready to go.  This was actually pretty fun, so it was a much better way to end it all then trying to clean a 5 year old stain off the wall.

Mixed in with the boards were all my extra materials.  It's all pretty thin and would cost a fair bit of money to replace so they're going in the truck along with all the rest of it.

I've got a 3x3 board and a 4x4 board that breaks up into 4 sections to pack.  Which isn't all that bad - especially given the manageable sizes.

Just for funzies, here's the 4x4 in all it's glory.

My plan to protect these things revolved around a bunch of old towels, some duct tape and my increasingly trusty plastic wrap.

In a general sense, the idea is to first wrap the board in a blanket or towel...  (In the case of the 3x3, some extra towels were added in on the turf side for extra padding.)

and then wrap some tape around the whole thing to keep it fixed in place.

A few layers of plastic were added to make things more secure.

Lastly, some left over blue insulation foam was taped on to provide crucial protection for the corners.

The 2x2 sections went down pretty much the same with the exception that I did them two at a time, face to face with some blue foam placed in between for padding.

 See, looks the same.

And the group shot.  I think this should do a pretty good job of protecting the investment.

With this last little bit, all of my hobby stuff is packed.

Except for that damn tress stand!  Shit.

Now, if I may get serious for a bit:

The hobby cave Mk2 had been a much needed little haven, if you will, from the last few years of my life.  So the packing has just that little bit of a bummer in it.

 It was a little 56 square foot closet that was completely mine - a place where I could get a much needed breather from a 5 year period  that really has been the worst in my life.   I'm moving on to better things and most likely a better hobby space to boot, so I have everything to look forward to.  But when I was isolated from friends and family, stuck in the worst job I've ever had and drowning in a see of assholes, I had somewhere fun to go where could do something I was passionate about and escape all the bullshit.

It's all packed now and while I will miss the sanctuary and what it represented, I'm looking forward to the possibilities of the hobby cave Mk3 and moving my hobby away from all the negativity in my life on the east coast.

It's a lot to look forward to.


  1. We're glad to have you back, my friend, among friends and family and away from an ocean of anusfaces.

  2. I completely understand where you are coming from with those comments. When I moved to Turkey, it was nice to begin with, but after a while the whole being in another country type mentality was killing me. Once I had my man cave set up, it was my piece of paradise and my wife/family understood this. Now moving to UK, where I think I will have more engagements with people in the hobby, but still will be looking forward to building Man Cave V2.0.

    Good luck with the move and looking forward to seeing what the upgraded version will look like.

  3. Can't wait to see you here in the land of the corn.

  4. looking forward to seeing more of you friend!

    Hoagy :)