Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving the Hobby Cave - Update #9

I actually got what follows accomplished last night but I ran out of time/juice to do the blogging bit.

Now I'm finally on to the most painstaking part of this packing challenge - my vast paint collection.

A bunch of old shoe boxes are the weapon of choice here.  The idea being that I can't just dump a few hundred paint pots into a moving box and call it good.  I also managed to keep all my old paint pots and blister pack foam.  Which now sounds really ridiculous now that I've typed that sentence out.

Since there is no standardized paint pots, size ended up being the deciding factor when it came to sorting and storing rather than a much more logical choice like color.  Though I did make  a box that was just the colors I was using for my Legion of Everblight.  I didn't take good enough notes to piece things together after the fact.  Plus, it's the project I'm most likely to start back in with once I'm settled.

My beloved foam squares and some cardboard dividers helped keeps things from shifting around too much.

7 Boxes later and I'm still not completely done with my paint!  It also turns our that I had been discounting the weight issue here.  It's likely that I'm going to have to spread these boxes out a bit once it comes time to get them in moving boxes in order to avoid the same situation I have with my books.  That situation being that my book boxes are bordering on 'obscenely heavy'.

However, progress has been made and the hobby cave is lookin' pretty bare.

The rest of my assorted hobby fluids, my tools and that pile of latex paint are the next three stops on the tour.

PS:  Getting rid of my big bag of sand went poorly right from the get go.  First, I'd be surprised if I ended up using more than 5 pounds of the original 50.  Then I accidentally poked a hole in the bag getting it into the car.  Sand everywhere - including inside my shoe!  Seems like a lot of trouble for a $5 investment.

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