Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moving the Hobby Cave - Update #14

Well, the fun and interesting part is pretty much over (though there is one little bit of fun to be had) and I'm staring the worst aspect of this venture straight in the face.  And by that I mean the cleaning.  Blech.

The folding table is first up and mercifully easy.

Followed by the rug thing I put down to try and collect some of the hobby dirt.  It's pretty gross and pretty torn up so it's just a matter of rolling it up, putting a bag on one end to catch the bits and chucking it in the dumpster.

based on the amount of dirt around the edges of the rug, I was almost of the opinion that it had been a waste of a rug.

Then I pulled it up.

Ladies and gentleman what you are seeing is no illusion.  The elderly and those of you with weak hearts should leave the room.  

What you have just witnessed is the end result of years of hobbying over a light color carpet.

I'm too worried about it since the 5 years of habitation and the cats tender ministrations have ensured that the cheap carpets in the apartment will need to be replacde anyways, but I do need to vacuum up all the loose pointy bits and at least make an attempt at cleaning the schmutz off the place where I was resting my feet.

Welp, I'm off to get the vacuum up and running.  See you in a bit.