Friday, July 27, 2012

Moving the Hobby Cave - Update #13

Took a short little nap and went to Target to get a few moving related things.  Included in that was another plastic tub for my Sabol case.

I just wasn't convinced a soft case was gonna be okay in the moving truck - even in a cardboard box.  The Tydirium shuttle got broken apart and stuff in next to it - not a bad thing since I was only keeping it around for parts anyways.

Then it was on to the last little bit of my deep concern bordering on silly for my models.  Both my tubs got wrapped in plastic to keep them from popping open.

Aside from the one remaining terrain feature that still needs a box, it's all furniture and cleaning in the hobby cave.  I started with the shelf I'm planning on keeping (unless the truck gets full).  A little Fantastik and a dab of elbow grease and it;s ready for moving.

I also pulled up my office chair floor mat protector, scrubbed off the worst of the hobby dirt and stacked it in a safe place.

Unfortunately for me, the rest of the stuff I have left in there is filthy beyond belief.   So it'll have to wait for tomorrow.  Along with my ingenious plan to protect my terrain squares.