Friday, July 27, 2012

Moving the Hobby Cave - Update #11

It's been a busy Friday so far, and I'm pretty much down to the furniture.  Though I keep forgetting about mt meager terrain collection in another closet.

Anyway, I got into the zone and some of my pictures aren't as interesting as I'd like.

After a quick trip to the U-Haul store, I had some giant plastic wrap to seal up some hobby tubs.  It went pretty well. I guess I'll know for sure on the other end of all this.

After a quick safety inspection from one of the cats, it was on to all that paint I boxed up over the week.  I ended up dumping them all in the same box despite any worries about weight. It ended up being pretty reasonable.

My small tool collection got shoved in a wooden box which, in turn was put in another box.

I then ran into a little bit of a slowdown as I got all my brushes ready for transport.  I didn't have enough brush guards for 'em all but they cost too damn much to just roll the dice on.  So I made my own and stuck 'em in the brush box.  I still have all my crappy ones left and, in hindsight, I wish I hadn't packed my other brush box already.  And it was empty, no less.

This went in the box and I'm up to two more done so far.

This little metal card catalog was a nice find at first, but turned out to be a poor storage container.  Ugly heavy and close to useless means it's on it's way to the garbage.

This is a stopping point while I take care of some of the more logistical stuff for the move.  More later today.


  1. is it too late for the card catalog? I'd love to have that.... I'll pay in cookies!

    1. ooooh, sadly yes. It just spent a night in the rain.