Friday, July 27, 2012

Moving the Hobby Cave - Update #12

A quick trip to the bank and a longer trip to Louis' Lunch later and I'm back at it.  Or was back at it.  The next leg of my packing course was a bit more long and grueling than things had been so far.

I started out by painting lamps in my other little tote/shelf. Remembering to take the light bulbs out!

And then wrapping it all with the plastic wrap.  The pile's getting pretty big now  Definitely gonna be holding the number two slot on number of boxes for a single groups of things.  Books being number one with a hefty count of 26.

My meager collection of terrain was next.

The smaller stuff goes in a small box, which goes in a slightly bigger box...

Which goes in a big box.  My loaded Malifaux case ended up in a box as well once I got nervous enough about it rattling around in a truck.  Frontline gamer says his survived being run over by a little old lady, but I'm not ready to take the chance.

The bulk of the terrain made it into a couple of very light boxes, but I'm still left with a Tydirium shuttle and some forests.  Not sure where these are gonna go as they are, literally, the last of my non-furniture hobby cave stuff.

I started in on said furniture before I pooped out.  My cheaply priced and even more cheaply made wooden shelf is marked for death.  It's been with me for 5 years, so kind of a bummer to see it go - but purely for sentimental reasons.  It's a flaming piece of crap as a storage device.

Gonna take a break now and maybe get back to a cleaning the white shelf and moving some stuff around later tonight.  I'll definitely be done by tomorrow.

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  1. Haha, the hobby wouldn't be where it is today without cheap piece of crap storage devices.
    If you ged rid, I think it's only right to get another for Hobby Cave 2.0.