Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vindicator #1 - Day 11

Awwright!  Got all kinds of awesome stuff taken care today.  One more day of painting and another day for a final sealant to dry and this thing will be ready to roll!

The rust streaks added and ready for sealing

More of the same for the dozer blade

Headlights and the Searchlight get a nice, bright yellow treatment

And now the remaining lenses.  These will get hit with some gloss varnish once the final sealant is dry.

Treads attached.  Leaving them on the sprue was a mixed bag but mostly pretty handy.

And the tanks is now christened.  
Phew.  Lots of little details, but these are the things that really make the model pop.  The tank name was a bit of a cop out (Sons of Medusa - Gorgon), but I stand by it as a last minute decision.

In keeping with the theme, the next two Vindies will probably be named Phorcys and Ceto after Medusa's two sisters.  Then... I'm out of ideas.


  1. Well done. It looks great. It's the small things that make a model and those lenses are awesome.

  2. How about Stheno and Euryale? The othewr two Gorgons besides Medusa? They were immortal too I believe while Medusa missed out on that particular special rule... although she did get petrification. lol.

  3. Also not to be picky but aren't Ceto and Phorcys the Gorgons parents? My Greek Mythology could be wrong but I thought Ceto was a minor Godess the daughter of Gaia and Pontus. While Phorcys Was the son of Gaia and Pontus I believe... Gaia put it about a bit... the hussy.

  4. Well...this is coming along nicely.

  5. Gaia was a sex-positive goddess type. =)


  6. @frontline: you are indeed correct. I was in a rush when I wrote this so I was skimming the info I had.

    @everyone: thanks!

  7. @Lo indeed she was!!! ;)

    @Lauby, where I come from they hammer the classics into you whether you want them to or not :(

    Just wanted to make sure before you started to paint stuff onto your other tanks.