Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vindicator #2 and #3 - Day 6

I just realized that I missed a golden ( or is that verdant?) to do a tie in with America's most recent excuse to get black out drunk - St. Patrick's day!  Green tanks and everything.  Oh well, the moment is over and I've got progress to share.

Well... not a lot of progress, but still.

Tank #2 is ready is at a stopping point

So I switched to tank #3.
The Tamiya spray experiment turned out fairly well.  The color's are similar enough for my liking.  So it seems like a fairly solid way to speed up the base coat.  But on the other hand, the Tamiya spray isn't all the great in terms of coverage and control.  I't just wouldn't stick to the edges and I've even got one of those weird wavy affects where too much paint collected.  I must remember to be more careful next time.


  1. But wait...there's moar!

    I'm really hoping we're gonna get to see you paint an entire army, y'know...

  2. heh heh. Yeah, that's the dream, my man.