Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vindicator #3 - Day 12

My weekend is, typically, a Friday/Saturday kinda thing.  Which means that day 12 was much more dramatic than things had been.  I had time to get all kinds of stuff done and take more pictures.  So this post is a bit closer to a step by step.

Some boltgun metal was airbrushed to the lat remaining large area on the tank and the treads.  Technically, this means that I worked on two tanks today.  

Washed out picture is washed out. But all the white details are done - probably the most tedious part. My color progression is Codex Gray, Astronimicon Gray and then White.  Most of which doesn't matter, apparently, since GW's new (and hopefully 'unimproved') paint line is out and about now.

All the metal bits are now painted with what used to be Boltgun Metal

All the metals are now washed with what used to be Devlan Mud and then Badab Black

The bogies got a coat of what used to be Charadon Granite
After things dried, the new paint got a quick coat of Tamiya Clear and then sat for a while for thins to dry.  Then I went back and lined/weathered the tank with a mix of oil paints - burnt umber, lamp black and sap green.

This will be allowed to dry overnight and then get a coat of Tamiya clear first thing on day 13
More lined parts.

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