Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vindicator #2 and #3 - Day 7

Sorry for the late post, but life has been throwing a lot of curve balls these days and between a dental filling, a major shake up at work and my HoP responsibilities, it's been all I can do to distract my self with my hobby - let alone blog about it.   So here's the progress report for day 7, a little late but not forgotten.

In happier news, it turns out that the little base coat experiment from day 6 ended up with a solid result as the process of spraying the actual green base by airbrush was a lot faster.  I'll need another try with the method for science's sake, however, before I'm ready to commit to it. 

full base coat in blur-o-vision

gradient part 2 - Park Green

Gradient part 3 - Light Green
 Ah, and now I'm back on to working on both tanks at once.

Gradient part 4 - Light Green + White

The rest of the parts.
I picked up some gloss white for this last part of the gradient so that all the finishes would match.  Last time around I used a flat white for the final part of the gradient and the change in sheen made it a little harder to gauge the final effect.  Gloss white did the trick nicely.

Though I do have to worry about whether or not I managed to match this batch of green with Vindi number one.  I didn't get a chance to do the final coats of the Clear Green, so I'll have to wring my hands for a night.

Now, working on two tanks at once has been a pretty good use of time so far.  The base coat phase was a major slow down but I knew it would be.  All that aside, however, I have shaved a ton of time off the process if I had just been doing these things solo.  By my count, I've knocked something like 7 or eight days off the time table. Nice!  

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