Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vindicator #2 and #3 - Day 1

I was slated to do one of Special Lady Friend's Malifaux models, but the resin bases she ordered are a ways off from actually being in hand.  I've still got the fire in my belly for Space Marine tanks so I've decided to press on with that while I wait and while I have the motivation.

The first Vindicator was very much a proof of concept and prototyping things, so it was done solo.  With an appropriate amount of dawdling and what would be considered wasted time under normal circumstances as a part of that.  I've got two more Vindicators to go and a nice comfort level with the paint scheme so it's time to speed things up and do the next two tanks at the same time whenever possible.

Day one was nice and productive.  The plan is holding together so far.

A little test fitting to see if I can side step some of the issues I had at the very end of Vindi 1.  Turns out I can't.  Looks like a combination of a slightly off kit design and my slightly off original assembly four years back.

More super detailing on the bottom of the tanks.  Looks like I need to get better with cutting out round shapes.

I finished off the night with the gap filling.  
My goal for day 2 is to get the rest of the parts cut out and assembled and then it's on to priming.  If I can get that done AND get the treads trimmed and primed, then I will have already saved 4 days between the two tanks over the original step by step.  As much a function of doing it in bulk, so to speak, as it is an improvement on process.


  1. Very cool. You're starting to turn these things out like hotcakes!

    Tell me, have decided on a name for your Forge World yet? Maybe Theta Lauby V? Or maybe Ancreon Laubstus?

    Just a thought.


  2. you gotta stop makin' me laugh out loud in the library, man.