Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vindicator #2 and #3 - Day 9

Not much happened on day 9, but here's the progress anyways.

I sprayed on some white 'circles' for added decal goodness

I added the cool campaign markings

And Chapter  symbols and some vehicle numbers.
Again, picking up the gloss white a few days ago was a huge help here since I was able to cut out the step of re-applying a gloss finish.

Welp, that was a short day.  Let's pad that out with some notes:

1) Whenever possible, try and apply decals to a glossy surface.  The whole process will be easier overall and the surface properties of a gloss finish are a huge help in the fight against silvering.
2) Once the decal is dry. hit it with some more gloss coat (this will be the beginning of day 10 for this project).  Once that's dry, you can then do whatever with your final varnish/clear coat.  Again, this is all part of making sure the decals don't look poopy.
3) Micro-sol and micro-set are some fantastic tools to have on hand for decal application.  I've been using them for a few years, and they really are worth the money.

The addition of the decals is the very last step before I start in on the weathering.  Well... it will be after I hit the decals with some more gloss coat to seal in the goodness.  Additionally, I'm fairly certain that the decals are also the lat time it'll make a lot of sense to do both tanks simultaneously.  All the stuff that's coming up is very detail oriented and I'm just not feeling like I want to do double up on all that.  Or even if I could.  I'm looking back at all the parts I have and the actual amount of time Vindicator #1 took and I'm just not seeing an advantage.

So day 10 should be a solo Vindicator #2 kinda thing.

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