Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vindicator #1 - Day 5 + Supplemental 1

So far my progress has been pretty good, not as fast as I'd like.  Slow but steady.

Unfortunately, things are starting to grind to a halt that wont let up until Friday when I can, finally, get some big chunks of airbrush time.

Day 5's progress can be summed up as 'incremental'.  And something I could have easily done yesterday.  But I saved it so I'd have something to talk about for today.  Again, I'm stymied until Friday.

Just priming the treads.  Nothing to special.  Though I am running a little experiment by leaving them on the sprue.  I always paint the treads separately for ease of painting.  Usually I stick pins in the back so I can manipulate things and then go from there.  14 pins is a lot and I always end up drilling all the way through at least one section so I thought I'd try something new.

Not primed

Supplemental #1
This'd be a pretty poor post if I left it here, so it's time for bonus content!  

The other day I was reading through the info in IA: 10 info on the Sons of Medusa (the chapter scheme I've settled on) and decided to see if any of the names being used for various things had real world relevance.  It's pretty commonly known that the world of 40k is, essentially, a mash up of sorts.  So I though to myself, let's dig into things a bit.

So we're all on the same page, here's a history link to the relevant entry at the Lexicanum.  Better information can be found in IA: 10.

The Sons of Medusa are an offshoot of the Iron Hands (which is neat).  This came about because of some kind of ideological divide which the author is calling the Moirae Schism.  This is where my curiosity was piqued because that is way to specific a kind of name to just be made up future language.

A quick trip to wikipedia later and it turns out that 'Moirae' was the greek name for the fates.  Which made sense to me since the vague details of the schism centered around the idea that the variations in the Astronomicon have some kind of mathematical pattern and can be used to predict the future in some way.  Which makes sense given the name of the Schism.

The wikipedia entry on the fates opens up with the names of the individual members.  Two of which lend their names to the 3 clans that the Sons of Medusa are organized around (Lachesis and Atropos).  The third clan (Mageara) is named after one of the furies.  Allthough the relevance of the Fury most concerned with marital infidelity eludes me.

So there's your boring wikipedia tour for the day.

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