Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vindicator #2 and #3 - Day 5

Things are still rockin'!  Special shout out to Kartitas for noticing that my pre-shading was a waste of time and then for telling me in a nice way.  The advice was a huge time saver.  I still did a bit. bit not nearly as much and mostly on the parts of the model that would get less paint overall.

Pre-shading the insidey parts around the tracks and the gun barrels.

Minor preshading on the underside of the tanks.

The base coat gets a started.
 For whatever reason, getting my base coat of green was taking forever, so it was at this point that the two tanks will follow slightly difference paths as I work on just one at a time.

First base coat done.

and the gradient begins to take shape.
My plans for day 6 here are to do the next layer on this tanks and then get the #3 to this point as well.  Then I'll do the final layer of paint on both at the same time.  It's the only color I'm using that requires mixing and I don't need all that much of it.  I figure doing both at the same time will go a long way towards saving some time and ensuring that they two vehicles are the exact same color.

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