Monday, March 26, 2012

Vindicator #3 - Day 14 + FINAL!

Day 14 opens up with the dull coat being dry to a point where I could handle the parts without mussing things up.  So it was on to the finishing touches before final assembly.

Some final chipping with some silver paint a dab of gloss varnish on the orange lenses.
Which I then did.

And here we are again at the finish line.  Another Vindicator is finished taking me 2/3 of the way into a goal I've had since back in '07.   Feels good, man.  Feels good.

No light box pics this time 'round as I wasn't feeling particularly motivated.
 So, lets see... some take away points from round two.

1) Doubling up on the tanks for the first 9 days went fantastically well.  I got one tank done only a day over the time line from the first attempt and I'm a mere 6 days away from completion of the third and final member of the trio.  If I expand this project, I will definitely be lumping future vehicles together.

2) The dozer blade assembly went a lot smoother this time around with the addition of better planning, a mixed super glue /model glue approach and just having the experience.  No surprises at the end this time.

3) I managed to do a very, very close job of matching the color scheme between the two vehicles.  Very happy with that as it's a fairly involved process to get it all laid down.  Overall, a little variation isn't a bad things so it's a win I think.

Group shot.  I'm chuffed to bits about this as the Brits would say. 


  1. Needz moar red. Red wunz go faster. WAAAAAAAAAAGH.

  2. Red ones might be faster but Green ones go better. ;)

    Looking really good there Lauby. You should be rightly proud of what you've done here with these. Top drawer stuff.