Friday, March 9, 2012

Vindicator #1 - Day 12

I was able to shoehorn some more work in on the Vindicator before I had to be at the airport.  All the weathering is done and a after a quick blast of dull coat I was off to Chicago.  Well, that and I wrote and scheduled this post.

A mix of Tamiya Red Brown and Flat black was airbrushed on to give my exhaust areas some soot.  But not on the actual stacks - didn't want to over do it.

And, finally, a thin layer of red brown was sprayed on as my ersatz dirt.  Then a little P3 umbral umber was dabbed on to create some additional visual interest.
I had considered the idea of going with some MIG pigments... but to tell the truth, pigments are more trouble than they're worth on a gaming piece.  Or, in general as I am increasingly coming to believe.  I'll have to think on that last bit.

At any rate, I'm down to just a small few steps from done - a good dull coat seal, some glossy varnish on the lenses and then the very last bit of weathering on the metal and the black areas.  All able to be done with one more day's work.  So almost two weeks start to finish. Not bad.

I think I can condense that time frame considerably if I'm smart about the next one.  


  1. That's one sexy looking tank my good man! I want to take it out for dinner and then back to a hotel for a night alone with it. :P

    This is so getting a shout out on my Blog. :)

  2. That is definitely a very pretty Vindicator. The dozer blade is amazeballs.

    P.S. By pretty, I mean manly and overtly dangerous. Please don't let your Astartes think otherwise. :P

  3. I am not real sure about the exhaust. You have soot around the cooling vents but not around the top of the actual smoke stacks. It looks kinda off for me.

    Otherwise, great work.

  4. @mm: yeah, I figured someone would point that out. It was a deliberate stylistic choice plain and simple. Realism usually takes a back seat to composition for me. Plus, future tank.

    @everyone: thanks for the compliments.

  5. actually, now that you mention it - the stacks are missing a tiny little something. aI think a few washes of badab black around the base of the stacks is an idea with merit.